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Nurturing your creativity

A friend recently sent me this little eBook, “How to be Creative” by Hugh MacLeod. I didn’t think much of it but in the course of my recent travels, I had time to read it and it’s spectacular. Its only 48 pages long.


I really liked this book because it helped me to nurture my creative side something that my professional job does not particularly encourage. Definitely, read it when you get a chance but this is what I thought following reading it.

What have I spent/ do I plan to spend 10,000 man hours perfecting and sharpening my skills?

I would like to do something about my writing, hold up, I don’t have a novel sitting inside me, nothing like that, but in terms of writing scholarly articles and editing papers. In the short-term, my plan is to qualify as a language editor and make some money on the side.

What is the little voice in my head saying to do?

Loudly in my head, its saying “Go on! Do it! What’s the worst that could happen?”

What are the pillars along the way?

Laziness, Fear of what might be, Telly and other social commitments.

Is my idea unique enough?

Probably not, but as a starting side-hustle, it is certainly simple enough to execute. But in the book Hugh Macleod talks of coming up with an idea that stands out from the

“Inspiration precedes the desire to create, not the other way around.”
“Part of being a Master is learning how to sing in nobody else’s voice but your own.”