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How I want to make Adult Friends

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I have a friend who is a maverick at making friends. One on one, she seems incredibly shy but I love her attitude to making friends and how deliberate she is about it all. So when I think to myself that I would like to make friends, I always think of some kind of organised activity that brings people together on the regular.

When I think of this though I always wonder how I would go about starting one because it involves putting myself out there in some way or another which is not exactly my thing. But, if / when I get over this hurdle, these are some things I would like to do:

  • Listen to a key podcast each month and then meet and discuss
  • Start an article club – pick a Longread article and then chat about it
  • Pick a cuisine and then assign various parts of the meal (starter, protein, desserts, salad) to different people and thus have a supper club or a cookbook club if you are fancier.
  • Good old Book club
  • Board games with a group of friends, I really have mine eye on this one.
  • A cheese/ wine tasting club.

Do you live in Joburg, would you be keen to do any of this with me and meet some new people?

Hosting Long-Term Guests?

This blog has slowly become a firm favourite. I thought this was a whimsical post but it definitely gave me ideas of how to prepare our guest room when we have visitors.

What do I currently do?

Growing up, my mom always made us pack a towel a face cloth and other personal items we might require when we go visiting. I have slowly learnt that not everyone packs these so I  have since had to include guest towels when I prepare the room.

I also ensure the guests have a set of keys and boy does knowing that there is extra toilet paper help a tonne.

I also stock the house with food and then on the second or third night when the guests arrive, I take them along to the shops so they can shop for food and personal effects that they might need that I do no have in the house – it certainly helps guests to feel at home. This and knowing where the breakfast cereals, tea and coffee is in the house.

From this post, I have since learnt to include the following items for that home away from home feel.

  1. A luggage rack, I read this and the simplicity but indulgence of it made me happy.
  2. A mirror so that guests can prep themselves once they get up.
  3. A box of tissues.
  4. Clearing out shelf and hanging space and providing a few hangers for use
  5. Stocking up the sugar bowl – I don’t add sugar to my tea/coffee so it’s an

    issue to remember that other do.

    How do you prepare yourself to host guests?

    HBD to me

    A few months back, I started to compile a list of some (30) things to do before I turned 30 and after a bit of thinking and looking back at my own goals and things that I keep talking of doing and putting off, here they are. Do feel free to suggest more things.

    1. Write daily for a month.

    2. Participate in a 5km anda 10km race.

    3. Start/join a book club.

    4. Read through the entire Bible in a year.

    5. Volunteer in a short mission.

    6. Continue with swimming lessons.

    7. Learn to ride a bike.

    8. Get married.

    9. Learn to speak and/or write an African language.

    10. Give time and money to a cause.

    11. Visit 5 African countries within a given region.

    12. Vote in an election.

    13. Host friends to a grand dinner party.

    14. Go to pottery classes and make something.

    15. Knit andstitch an item of clothing and actually wear it.

    16. Go on holiday alone

    17. Bunge jump/ some equally insane adventure thing – Canopy tours

    18. Make a reading list of 30 books, read and critic them.

    19. Road trip to Namibia.

    20. Learn to bake/make a decadent dessert.

    21. Wake up at Xhr for 28 days to pray for one hour.

    22. Take part in a demonstration for a cause

    23. Pose for a painting/ have professional pictures taken

    24. Pick a restaurant and systematically eat as many things off that menu.

    25. Learn to play chess.

    26. Watch one of the Grand slams live.

    27. Pick a Book award and read all the books from that year’s nominees.

    28. Watch movies nominated for a given category at the Oscars.

    29. Go on a Christian retreat.

    30. Leave the Continent.

    31. Start my PhD.

    32. Go to a World Cup game in a country I don’t live in.

    33. Reconnect with an old friend/ get rid of a particularly stressful friendship.

    34. Move out and live on my own for 6 months to a year.

    35. Work with my alma-maters and use my skill sets to develop them.

    What’s on/ would be on your list of to-do’s?