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Friday Mood




Reading: The Falls, Joyce Carol Oates.

Feeling: A little anxious, its that pre-exams period and I just think/feel/know that a lot rides on me doing well this time.

Made a friend at work, happy about that.

Tired of reading those blogs, looking for a new demographic to conquer.

Discovered this, what a load of laughs.

A friend is getting married tomorrow back at home….joy and great joy at that.

good times,neh?

Its 365 days today to the world cup and at exactly 1600hours local time, we are one year away from it all. EXCITEMENT! and the Confed Cup begins this weekend as well….ayoba! Graduation is in two weeks or slightly under and my mom and sis are coming over…..GRAND!

lemon and ginger

there are three things that i just cant wait for and im too ashamed to even say what.

  1. Euro Cup starts on the 7th of June and go on until the 29th of June and my teams as usual would be the Czech Republic and Britain but the latter didnt make it and so this year, its France.
  2. Big Brother Africa Three- that starts all the way in August.urgggg!
  3. World Cup 2010 that will run from June 11th to 11th July. some 770 plus days

whats life without something to look forward to? NOTHING:-)

I got it

The poem I have been waiting for madly.

Whititude – A.S. Bukenya

I envied his being Negro:

For there he was with his hardened face

That told of night and her mystery

Of age and varied experience

In shame, in fear, in joy, his hue the same

Unlike my baby skin that told of all I felt.

And while I pitied him for being black,

I feared he had a depth unknown to me,

Which his darkness hid.

I love this poem because it best explains the race relations and then it’s the one poem in high school I actually got and I guess it resonates with me LOADS. Thanks. enjoy….:-)


In my first semester at Daystar, I read this book about masks and why people are afraid to show each other who they really are- the exact name escapes my memory for the moment but yeah, it was a real eye opener. I think that in life we all need some kinds of masks to protect us from the raw emotions that we would otherwise be seeing in the eyes of all  the guys around us. To some extent its necessary and I have indulged in that kind of thing once too many times before. I mean does the kange as he gives me my change really care that my father hasnt paid my fees, or the ice cream man has taken up fort outside my house for defaulting on past debts or that I have just showered in cold water? Hardly. Neither does the mama mboga, the gate man or the lunch lady. The only problem I have is when masks come up within people who purport to have really close friendships. Thats when I totally dont get the whole mask vybe, coz, sasa ya nini….?

Am I a happy or a sad person? still trying to figure that out