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Happy Hump Day

Enjoy these beautiful baby pics from a very gloomy Johannesburg




Belated Sunday Reads

  1. The movie Happiness.
  2. Environment and other influences also positively (or not) affect outcomes.
  3. Understanding land and identity in Kenya.
  4. An article whose title promised so much but gave nothing finally.
  5. Growing up today. I suddenly felt 76 years old …
  6. Certainly sure my take on this. God loves sinners, we are all sinners.
  7. Is it OK to leave your child unattended while you dash off to the shops?

27: Letter to a collective 21 year old

I asked a couple of friends and this is a list of things we have learnt in our Twenties that we wish we had known or understood better while we were younger.

I share these with their full knowledge and permission and would greatly love to hear back from you on some of the lessons that “growing up” has taught you.

  1. It’s OK to fail
  2. We all weren’t made to be friends
  3. Personal happiness should never be compromised
  4. It’s never that serious
  5. Live your truth
  6. It is ok to change the plan as many times as need be
  7. Learn to let go of stuff
  8. Spend more time alone and working on that discipline
  9. Decisions have to be made but they can turn around and later make you
  10. Surround yourself with friends that will be with you through highs and lows

the boy who knew too much

I was reading Ps.83:14-15 and i was just wondering is there a place for such prayers in this day and age? Like when can i set out to pray as follows

Like the fire that burns down the forest,

or the flames that consume the mountainsides,

chase them with your gale winds,

and terrify  them with your windstorm.

If im pissed off at a relative? a boss? bad service? unfortunate leadership? WHEN?

Superfreakonomics is out! Who wants to buy it for me,eh? Do i see hands…?


 i am as above…..