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Sunday Posts

There’s a crescendo of voices saying, ‘If you don’t do X or Y, you’re doing it wrong,’” Monk says. The result is “a kind of over-preciousness about motherhood. It’s obsessive, and it’s amplified by the Internet and social media.” 

7: Considering a career change?

If money was no issue and I could chose other careers to switch to, I would do any of the following:

  1. Librarian or a bookshop seller/owner. Running the bookshop, I would read some of the books at the desk in between servicing clients and dealing with other bits of running the shop. If I was the librarian, I would get first dibs on all the books as they came in from the different people. I clearly love reading and this would be a cheap option for me to meet that need in my life.
  2. Food critic. What’s not to like about getting the chance to go to different restaurants and order various items from the menu and write about them? Well maybe if I had to also take pics and stuff. I think its proper #firstworldproblems to get food and then have to sit around while others take pictures of it in different poses.
  3. Developing the musical score for films and series. This is weird, I really love my music but I don’t really like movies much. Yet when I do watch a good movie, part of what makes it is the soundtrack – it has to be totally complimentary and awesome. I love Grey’s Anatomy and really what also makes the show are the songs they play at key points of the plot.
  4. For someone that doesn’t like to draw much, I would be a cartoon illustrator for little kiddy’s books. So cute and I imagine so fulfilling too!
  5. Radio producer and part of the team that develops the content for the different radio shows. I love talk radio and it never ceases to amaze me how they generate some of their stories and the fact that despite how bizarre the topic, people are guaranteed to always call in and contribute to the topic. I also know how radio is quite a powerful medium and so I would like to somehow be involved in shaping people’s minds and conversations for positive rather than negative.
  6. Fashion design. I certainly have an eye for what can/can’t look good on someone.

And what about you?


People have scars in all sort of unexpected places, like secret road maps of their personal histories, diagrams of their old wounds most of our wounds heal leaving nothing behind but a scar but some of them don’t. Some wounds we carry with us everywhere, and though the cut’s long gone, the pain, still lingers. Dr. Meredith Grey

Who would have thought I would resort to quoting Ellen Pompeo a.k.a. Dr Grey? But its true about pain. YOU often think you are over it until the smallest of things reminds you that actually you aren’t by which point it has cut to the quick and almost brought you to your knees.  Pain is the worst thing that we all have to go through. No one is safe from the devastating effects of pain. I think this was the hardest lesson of the last couple of months. Dealing with pain is not easy and not when you can’t point at it and suitably address it. It hurts. It hurts when you have always been the strong one and suddenly you need someone and don’t even know where to begin. When it’s your shoulder that has always been the one offered for support, how do you learn to suddenly lean on another for their support? I guess the question is really how do we let go and allow ourselves to just embrace the fact that we all hurt and no one expects you to be the stone about it. That really, its OK to admit that it hurts and to take it from their a step at a time, one day after the next until it doesn’t hurt at all.

what a weekend!

Friday after my rather difficult French Class a classmate and I decided to venture to the FCC Gardens and see the finals of this nationwide Afro-Fusion shindig . I met my high school History teacher and well, time heals all bile coz we hugged and talked about what we have been up to in the last couple of years. The concert was running late and I just realized that the crowd was totally different from what I am used to at the largely Christian Concerts I attend – the crowd was drank,booing and jeering and it took everything in me not to roll my eyes. Other than the fact that it was different, I must say I did enjoy myself greatly and I was glad to have cleared my evening plans to attend.

Saturday was the Bridal shower. I was on my feet since 10 a.m. trying to organize people and things and it just wasn’t working out. I had hoped to get their early and help out with the cooking and setting up but by the time we all got there,it was already underway. We went to buy her lingerie at this shop and the attendant was being a right old douche giving us lip and attitude at each turn and as we were paying, I calmly told her that her behaviour and conduct was unacceptable to paying customers ati she was saying we had taken too long to make a decision and we were wasting her time!!!! The cheek of her! But I don’t think she will be doing that anytime soon- so the shower?

We were about thirty girls who know her from the various areas of her life. I wondered how many people would come for my “surprise” shower but anyhoo, that’s neither here nor there. The talk was being given by these four Pastor Wives and I was hoping that they would be REAL with us. I just hate how women never tell each other the truth about marriage and child birth. They make it out to be one big holiday even when they are hating every minute of it and then these were Pastors wives! It was quite honest and informative though at the end of it I had decided NEVER to go for another shower again and that I know I am definitely NOT ready for marriage like anytime soon. It felt like too much and then I just wondered, dudes don’t have a Shower where they are told what is expected of them and how they need to do this or not do the other and that’s what saddened me coz the undertone was we make all the adjustments and they just ride the wave. As a Christian I have no qualms with Ephesians. 5:22 where wives ought to submit what I do wonder though, is why do we also forget Christ’s exhortation to the men? to love his wife as Christ loved the Church and gave His life for her? convenient,eh? I got home quite exhausted and promptly fell into bed.

I went to Church yesterday and came home to watch Season Three of Grey’s Anatomy. Good times I tell you. I also watched the Eviction Show of BBA2 and I was so glad that Maureen left. The girl was slowly loosing it in the house and if her interview with KB is anything to go by, chick is gone beyond help. I did like Jose Chameleone’s performance though he totally brought down the house.