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Throwback Thursday

Nifanyeje na roho ishapenda? (What do I do when I have already fallen so hard?)

This song takes me back to high school days … But,look at how the ladies are so fully dressed compared to, ahem, today.

Cheers to the weekend

Since I got into work, I have been listening to the following tracks on repeat, one after the other.

Enjoy and cheers to the weekend!

Theme for 2015



My theme verse for this year is:

I am the Lord’s servant,” said Mary. “May it be done to me according to your word.” (Luke 1:38)

This is the year for me to step out in faith and step out of the proverbial experience and open myself up to new experiences in life, greater depth in my relationships, loving more and living fully AND being present. The only way I can proudly say ” … be it unto me …” is if I review every experience as it unfolds and choose in that moment, what I shall do or not do and why.

In line with this, I also saw this quote from Seth Godin:

Fear is not the enemy. Paralysis is the enemy.

I have been too scared about so many things and this year, I am trying not to fall into that trap because when I ventured out, even a little, the returns were so much better.

What’s your theme verse? Word? Or quote for this year?

(2014 Theme)

Sunday reads

Some Sunday reads to atone for the blog silence.

Afternoon me

  1. Heard of the BECONS (Behavioural Economics Oscars)? Read more here
  2. Bringing Ferguson to our (Kenyan) backyard
  3. The paradox that is Cuba
  4. I have become a “Serial” junkie – please read various op-eds here 
  5. And because no one talks about the groom and their wedding day
  6. A review of 2014 in outrage
  7. On rising above expectations
  8. Revolutionising people management
  9. NPR’s best books of 2014. And A tournament in books?
  10. Can you incentivise safe sex? 

Enjoy, thank me later!!

Best of 2014 posts

As the year draws to a close, I do find myself looking back on the year and feeling very reflective. So I looked back on this little here blog to see posts that appealed to me for one reason or another. It also just struck me how it really does feel like it was just the other day that I wrote them down. Just the other day.

  1. Memories of a favourite teacher.
  2. A guiding verse for 2014.
  3. Cooking poached pears and a sweet potato casserole.
  4. Reviewing a short stories book that I rather enjoyed.
  5. Comparing the view of marriage in East and West Africa.
  6. Rediscovering Avo and Eggplant.
  7. On listening to podcasts at work.
  8. My all-time favourite books.
  9. Ann Patchet on marriage and relationships
  10. Love you Mom and Porridge

I would cherish the feedback though from you guys. What posts did you appreciate the most? What did you enjoy most and would like to see more on the blog? What did you like least and think I should drop?


… but we can make his dream possible in our lifetime.

Lala Ngoxolo Tata ..

The four hundred and sixty eighth post

Featured image

I kind of alluded to it yesterday, about why I blog. However, this post was inspired by a conversation with a friend who said that she is thinking of shutting down her blog because the reason she started it is over and she basically doesn’t have new material.

Why do I blog?

Because I love to write and I love to share and save my thoughts in one place. I have always journalled but that runs into different books while this is a bit more static from year to year.

I think I have an interesting voice to add onto the blogosphere and share with some of my followers and readers.

I also read a lot of blogs and always get inspired from that to do and try and be a better blogger which I then like to try out or respond to on this platform.

More than that, I blog because it makes me happy. Very happy.

Why do you blog?

Source: April 17th Prompt

Happy blogger birthday to me

Yikes, it’s been 7 years since I started this little ol’ blog and I still love it just as much.

Sorry for the silence, I feel like I have forgotten to write and so easing back into work is taking much longer than I thought it would. Will be back soon with interesting posts!


Another Tune to start the week

Very catchy tune this one.

PS: Start the week because this was a three day weekend 🙂

On blogging: search terms that led people here

Again, I decided to update this list.

  • Whititude – the poem, descriptions about it, the writer that is still the most common search term. Funny-weird not haha because I don’t really read a lot of poetry or any of that.
  • Rebecca Nganga – my beloved lecturer.
  • josphat nanok bio – can’t imagine why!! But apparently he is a Kenyan parliamentarian
  • age of consent south africa – To my shock people search a lot for this term and it leads them here! Horrors of horrors!!But see my position here.
  • can i have skhothane punchlines and unknown skhothane CV – because I know so much about urban culture.
  • 419 Scam letters – my favourite piece of writing!!
  • Karumaindo Nairobi – some well known brothel in the hometown!!
  • various variations of good morning couple – because of these beautiful illustrations by Nidhi Chanani
  • Everwood and Oakwood – wedding venues.
  • For someone that doesn’t write about sex, I do get a lot of sex-related search terms that lead people here.

It always makes me smile to see this so enjoy!!


A beautiful end to a difficult week


King Ta! and her female band ..


Simphiwe Dana in her regal splendour 🙂

Simphiwe and Thandiswa lent their voices to demonstrate against the human rights injustices being leveled against the Palestinians in the Middle East. This was a free concert and at some point I knew I was too old to be pushing and shoving with Students (concert was held at the Great Hall at the Wits University) – so fun but so unnecessary!!

Happy birthday to me

I got a diary that asked me to write a letter to myself on the 1st of January and read it at the end of the year. Well, as I am twenty five days too late. Happy 29th birthday and all the best for this year and always.

I wish for myself this year to keep my sanity and maintain all my close friendships at the same time. Regarding friendships, I wish to have few and dear friends that I can share with and be open to laughter, criticism and everything else in between.

I pray for financial stability. Boy how I do!! I am embarrassed to bring this up again, but I totally need a side-hustle because I really want to travel and I am willing to sacrifice something to do this. I want to use my skills set and the time in the evening I have to make this work. Definitely not those online data entry jobs, nah, something more legit and visible.

I want to work with women this year and empower them in a meaningful and tangible way. I want to grow closer in my walk with God and indeed, this is finally the year that I shall read through the book from Genesis – Revelation!

As usual I want to read great books, eat good food and have a merry old time.

Cheers to a great year and happy birthday to me …

Theme for 2014

Last year I spent much of the year trusting and waiting for the Lord that it is only fitting for my verse this year to be a continuation of that and of the lessons picked or learnt.

Isaiah 43:19

  • This verse speaks to me because it urges me to forget the past things and look at the new things that God promises to do for me and mine.
  • While He will do that, I need to look out and be ready to receive and recognise it or it will pass me by and I will chalk it down to luck, goodwill or something I could have done.
  • Also, that the new stuff will be exceedingly abundantly above what I can imagine or think of.
  • The new and exciting thing are not limited to one area of my life only and will traverse every part of it. And I think its fitting for me in this year!!

So I am just going to hold on, learn, look and wait to receive.

What about you? Have you got a word, a theme verse or some guiding principle for this year?

Happy new year to all & 2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,800 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 30 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Something light hearted on such a difficult day




Please note these are not my cartoons and if circulated please do not pass them off as yours or acknowledge me.

Something I believe in

I was reading this article about Turning Inspiration into Action and saw this quote that leapt out at me because it summarises a principle that I try to live my life along.

Helping others to accomplish their goals is an inherently self-less but social way of saying “I care about your goals”. Don’t make it transactional, nor about you. Just do it because you care, knowing networks are how work gets done now-a-days.

I believe give and it will come back to you, a full measure pressed down, shaken together and running over. And never to tire in giving and I always get back more than what I put in.

Ever get the feeling somebody is watching you?

I frequently blog about spam email I get and that obviously involves clicking on it …. after these two articles, I wont be doing that again EVER.

He challenged the hackers to investigate his life and see what they could find out. And here is how they went about it. 

We all leave some footprint online, lets think about it and be more conscious about what we share and what we don’t. Like in my blogging, I am curious to know what my readers know about me, that I am not aware of sharing. So do share! Also, what sort of stuff would people pick up about you/ what measures have you made to limit this kind of contact?


31: Lessons learnt from daily posting

I don’t typically blog daily (sorry new readers/subscribers but do stick around!) but this month, I decided to have my own Daily Post challenge and see how that goes. I also noticed that a lot of bloggers will do that in October and without even planning,  I posted something on the first and the second and then I decided cool, this is what I am going to do. And along the way I picked up a couple of lessons.

  1. Its been tough to come up with content that is fresh, inspired and funny/witty at the same time.
  2. Having to generate content made me focus more on writing and less on living which then made me sad. I was living through the blog and not really savouring and enjoying the moments as I had planned them.
  3. I got lazy, I didn’t think or reflect enough as I would think of something to write and immediately write. So I started cheating and writing shorter paragraphs that weren’t a reflection of me that allowed to check off that particular day.
  4. On the more positive, it made me write on a whole lot of other topics than I might typically have considered.
  5. I loved and enjoyed the writing daily and wouldn’t mind continuing on condition someone occasionally helped me generate content.

For now, I am off to take a bit of a break and enjoy some time off and when I come back, I might be back to blogging twice or thrice at week. Certainly not at the weekend as I shall be off living my fabulous life 🙂


Decided to update the page just in keeping with the changes around me and the direction I am planning to take this blog.

Guest Post: Why I run

Guest post from Simple Girl blogging over at (Simple Girl Writes) who defines herself as Slightly Neurotic, Cheerful, Blessed, Wants to be a back-up singer in the next lifetime, Sh*t scared of pigeons and chickens, Econometric nerd extraordinaire, Just a simple girl

Let me set the record clear. I am not one of those “born to run” types, or the “I run so I can feel amazing at the end of the race” types nor am I one of those “I run to feel the wind in my hair” types.

No, no, no.

I’m more of the “always picked last in the Physical Education class”; “avoid all sports where I have things flying at my face” types. In fact, I only began to run in my mid-twenties. Sounds like a quarter life crisis right??

And to make matters worse everyone knows how much I hate running.  I hate the sound of my steps on the pavement, I hate how it feels like my knees are about to collapse, and I especially hate the sound of my breath as I gasp for more air. Yet, every week for the past two months, I have (almost – this past Tuesday doesn’t count) religiously put on my sneakers and joined a group of real runners for a weekly 5k time trail.

So why do I do this to myself if no one forces me to do it? Why do I go through all that huffing and puffing just to go around in a big pointless circle ending back where I started? Why do I subject myself to this weekly ritual, especially as I don’t receive a prize at the end? And especially as I always get weird looks and funny comments as I run behind the pack – why do I run? Am I a sucker for pain? Am I crying out for love? Am I coping with abandonment issues?

No, no and a big NO.

So why do I run? I’ve been thinking about this for a while and have compiled a list of reasons explaining this new, weird and torturous activity I put my body through every week:

4. I run to fight the thunder thighs

I was lucky enough to spend a year abroad and not come back home three times larger. To my mother’s dismay and my friends’ surprise -I came home with a new physique and have received a constant flow of compliments because of it. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the new bod and I especially love the compliments. I love that I can now wear those cute little dresses which I was always too self-conscious to wear because of my monstrous thunder thighs. But now the problem is that I have to maintain this new physique.

And honestly, it was easy to lose the weight. It didn’t require that much sacrifice on my part as I lived in a country where I could walk everywhere. But now I’m back in wonderful Jo’burg where we drive everywhere. See my dilemma?

Hence I run. I run so that the compliments continue. I run to shut up all those “friends” who said I would gain the weight back after two months (hahaha, look at me now biatches J). And I run because I honestly don’t want to go back to wearing the size 38 pants.

3. and not forgetting the muffin top

  Muffin top

*Cringe moment*

I was fighting the onslaught of a legendary muffin top – so much so, I was even contemplating going back to wearing skirts and dresses only – so that I can hide the overspill that occurred every time I wore a pair of jeans. But here I am, in my favourite pair of skinnies – with no muffin top to worry about.

Sigh. Thank you 5k trail runs.

2. To enjoy my weekly pastry treat from Fournos

I unfortunately work in an office where cake is provided for every single occasion.  When we celebrate a team member’s birthday, we celebrate with cake. When we celebrate a non-team member’s birthday – we eat cake. When we celebrate promotions, we have cake. When we have the Monday morning seminars – we eat cake. When we submit tender proposals in time, when we are highly stressed, when the sun shines too brightly, when it rains too hard – you get it right? We eat cake ALL the time. ALL THE TIME.

 Fournos muffins

I don’t fight it. I don’t ask why we have an unexplainable supply of cake.  I just allow myself one (albeit very thin) slice of cake once a week and enjoy the 5mins of cake heaven in my mouth.

Guilt-free 5 minutes of cake time – thank you 5k trail runs.

1. The great pick –up

I am one of those girls lucky enough to have an incredibly tall boyf – ok, incredibly tall is an exaggeration but as I am only 1.58m, almost everyone is taller than me.  And apart from his charming ways, general incredibleness (is that even a word?) and intelligence to land himself such a great gal, one of the reasons why I’m so smitten with him is that he picks me up when he hugs me. Yes, he picks me up – feet in the air, arms around my waist just to say good night. He does this every time.

I know, I know – it swept me off my feet as well J

Now prior to my weight loss and running tactics, I used to cringe at the anticipation that he would end off the night with the great pick-up. And this was not because he complained about my body size (a tall strong Zulu man would never complain about extra junk in the trunk), this was just me hyperventilating about whether I would break his back or whether we would stumble and fall (and then I break his back!) etc. etc. Needless to say, we never fell. There was no back breaking or any other awkward moment. But I still worried about it every time he did it.

And what about now you ask – post weekly runs?

Well, without giving away too much about my shenanigans, let’s just say that the legendary pick-ups are a firm favourite again for both of us this time. I practically demand them now. J

So there you go. Those are my reasons for the weekly runs – to look fab in THAT dress, to look fab in my skinnies, to enjoy some cake and to make a tall Zulu pick me up. All guilt-free.

Here’s to more running!


Simple girl