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Podcast Recommendations

In the past couple of weeks I have listened to some really interesting podcast episodes that I thought I should share.

Have you listened to something interesting recently?

Shout out to Podcasts

So I have waxed lyric about my love for podcasts but I have never really said what I listen to and why I love it so much. Please note, I have subscribed to each of them on iTunes but if you go to the website I am sure you can play it directly or off another Media player.

State of the Re:Union logoI recently got into this podcast and so far I.LOVE.IT because the thing I love about podcasts are the stories they tell and the human angle to them. Best episodes so far: The Sorting of America, Trans Families and American Justice. The web pages of each episode also provide additional reading and listening material which is further educative.

image This podcast is hosted weekly by a husband and wife team and they speak about all sorts of random stuff. We are only at week three for now, so it would be easy for anyone to catch up. The reason I am so clued up (thank me later) is because I follow Chesca’s Tumblr and she made the announcement there. Listen and lemme know what you think.

image This might be of interest if you have read the books or if you like to explore data in unconventionally. There are quite a few episodes on various topics. I recently listened to the episode “Tell me something I don’t know” which is basically a game show of ideas. So hilarious but informative.

 image    This series touches on a wide variety of topics. For instance this week I listened to a podcast on the teenage brain, heroine treatment in Kentucky and just understanding an addicts’ brain, crime reporting and modern day parenting. Also, listening to this podcast really got me excited to watch Boyhood. I also think that the presenter, Terry Goss, also displays great sensitivity when speaking to her different guests and that’s quite appealing to me.

image  Because everyone was talking about this podcast in the second half of last year. Everybody. I finally got to it during the December break and listened to all 12 episodes. It basically retells the story of the disappearance and murder of a high school senior (Hae Min Lee) by her then boyfriend (Adnan Syed) and his subsequent mistrial and finally conviction. The host goes through some of the evidence and takes the viewer through each of them. It’s quite engrossing but it made me a bit sad that the focus is on Adnan and not so much on Hae’s family that must still be angry and/or grieving. Season two is bound to return soon and I wonder what it will be on. Must say, I liked the recommendation for it to to focus on another topic – like a chef starting up in a few weeks or a fashion designer or something like that.

I love the BBC and so it is no surprise that there are two podcast series on here.

 image The show’s by line talks of looking at the world through the feminist perspective. And that’s exactly what they do covering both serious and frivolous topics.

BBC Documentaries that covers all sorts of global stories in an in depth analytical way.

I also really like Focus on the Family and again here are two shows from that broadcasting family.

Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast– they cover more wholesome topics that are family friendly and that build the individual up as well. The show is also broadcast daily.

Focus on the Family: Focus on Marriage – because I believe it helps to get all the help one can when married.

So this is what I play in my ears during the work day, what podcasts do you likeFre