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Words we need v2

Following from this post, I figured it was time to skim through Urban Dictionary again and come up with words that we actively use and need in formal language.


A person’s sidekick who texts for the driver


The act of being out in a social public setting (i.e. Restaurant, Cocktail Bar, Coffee shop) and only spending time on your mobile device; not the people with or around you.

greeting orbit 

When you’re with someone and run into an acquaintance of his/hers. They exchange greetings, which leads to a conversation, and you stand there smiling like a dummy wondering if you’ll ever be introduced.


A large gathering of bros on a mission to do one thing, to get bombed, tanked, or wasted usually ending in some people doing something stupid.


When someone types what should have been a message or email in a comment on a public board (example: facebook).

Poster’s Remorse 

The feeling of regret after posting a particular item on Facebook, such as a status update, photo or video.


When you approach a member of the opposite sex to ask them out and they respond with a pitying smile


a burp laced with a little vomit, usually occurs when you’ve had one too many and it has become difficult to distinguish between the two aka vomiting in your mouth.

bacon tetris 

The act of arranging bacon strips on a frying pan in the most efficient way possible given the dimensions of your pan. The goal is to maximize the number of bacon strips on the heating surface without leaving any part of any strip uncooked.

Porn Mode

A mode available in modern web browsers that doesn’t store any session information.

Send and run

The act of delivering bad or unpleasant news via email at the very last point in the day, so as to purposely avoid being there when the response is received. Usually deployed just after 5pm or before going away on holiday.


Being too emotional, that eventually as a result, you fall asleep


Preemptively exhausted. When you are exhausted just by thinking about something.