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Sunday Reads

  1. This post reminded me that bloggers ARE real people.
  2. Useful apps for the travel bunnies in our midst.
  3. Five uses for your Baseline Survey.
  4. Imagine the impact on the enviroment if all take away coffee/tea mugs were recyclable?
  5. An old friend from home released a song recently, check it out!
  6. I suppose writing a cookery book is like any other project – emotional, time-consuming and involving.
  7. BUT WE are not here for THEM.
  8. Interesting article on food and the Vatican. (Aside: read the comments, ridiculous!)
  9. On travelling while Black IN AFRICA. One. Two. AfDB Report on the same.
  10. A beautiful conspiracy.
  11. Down with small talk or, how to do it better.

Sunday Reads

Happy Valentines Day all … Something warm and fuzzy!

  1. Healthy pumpkin and oat bread
  2. Finally government and ruling party comment on the evil virginity bursary schemes.
  3. Loved this story about second hand booksellers in Joburg.
  4. Simple enough DIY involving a wok that turns into a lamp.
  5. Childhood obesity is on the increase. In Sub-Saharan Africa *GASP*
  6. Fascinating read on a river that actually boils.
  7. Lunch club anyone?
  8. Always in life it helps to be a unique individual. Always. Be Unique.
  9. This cooking project in Delhi just warmed my heart for some reason.
  10. On the schooling options for Black children and the issues to consider: One and Two.

“The paradox of elite education in SA is that it breeds an economic elite with very little social literacy, and who display contempt for the idea of social intelligence.”


today i saw two things that made me go hahaha as above.

i saw this man driving a smart car and then just as i remarked about the small size of the car and how uncomfortable it would be to give a stranger a lift ( breathe: coz i feel a hyperventilation attack coming on) and then dude stretches out his hand and he is smoking? he just negated his good contribution to the welfare of the entire planet with respect to carbon emission and then what does he go ahead and do………..? punk!

then i saw this shop called “The Fishermans Chicken” and i wonder, what are they selling again? who is their clientele again?

im trying to get a research topic that i need to do 10,000 words on by september? if anyone is reading this, what am i always going on about? that might be a good starting point? women, kids and what else? and not kids in terms of i wanna have me some but as a marginalized group.

i have to give a surprise test to one of my tutorial groups either kesho or thursday and i hope these kids are reading you know. i have a presentation next week Monday that i cant say im looking forward to but its gotta be done. i have a test on the same day.urgggg:-(