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Sunday Reads

“Silence is often a woman-flavoured thing. It is guilty of holding countless women’s names and voices hostage inside of its spine and its ribcage.” Nikita Gill 


March Goals

In keeping with my 2016 theme to be more rooted and connected, this is what I hope to do in March.

  1. Reach out to close friends via calls, emails or messages to talk about what’s really happening in our lives. I mean group communication and Facebook is great but not all the time. Also, to get into the habit of praying for friends and family.
  2. Do more outdoorsy stuff and enjoy the last of the Cape Town glorious weather.
  3. Cook more and enjoy that time.
  4. Get data and finalise topic for school.
  5. Read more African literature (more on this later).
  6. Host a high school friend and her family for lunch.
  7. Hang up more pictures around the house.

Will post at the end of the month how it’s all going.


I read this article about the state of Kenyan talk radio. And it is very true.

Forgetting the whole schlep about the ethics of calling in and pretending to be the injured party in an unfaithful relationship, is the fact that the people listening in count that kind of show as being entertaining. And day in, day out, they tune in faithfully and listen to the show! If its not that, its the morning show host who talks of all sorts of sex-related topics first thing in the morning and with such detail that even the  most depraved of us would blush terribly! I think its crass, and I feel very sorry that in this day and age of liberalised media that we can’t shut down that kind of rubbish.  Maybe I am dead boring (and I admit that maybe thats the case) but I much prefer the kind of talk radio that makes you think and consider new ways of thinking and working and ideas, oh the very essence of life, but where is the local stuff  like that in Kenya? Without BBC, whats there?