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Sunday Reads


Long Sunday Reads

  1. Thoughtful cards that recognise the many paths to parenthood.
  2. I would happily co-sign the petition to have all academic research freely distributed. (NY Times link)
  3. The top researchers on RePec (Research Papers in Economics) from a ” Developing Country” are all male and predominantly pale.
  4. Jeez, the ethics and externalities stemming from a privately owned city in India.
  5. Decorating together as a couple.
  6. Relationships aren’t always exciting or glamorous. And that’s fine. These 24 comics celebrate the more mundane bits of things #7, 12,16,17,19 and especially 22.
  7. I’m already so iffy about eating eggs, not sure it was wise to read this egg on whether to wash eggs or not, whether to keep them in the fridge or not.
  8. Daily life in a major Accra slum. Very riveting (but could be gross) read.
  9. Imagine if your hotel owner knowingly spied on you while you visited their hotel?
  10. Don’t let fear dictate how your life should be / the pressures that women face regarding marriage.
  11. Data sources for researchers, many free and easily available.
  12. No more boy only OR girl only books.
  13. Wearable baby tech marketed to parents based on fear mongering.So shameful and morally horrid.
  14. What will happen when African leaders take their election rigging online? I cannot even imagine!
  15. I am sometimes guilty of not taking my job THIS seriously!!
  16. Various recipes this week.

Election Day


Oh God of all Creation. Bless this our land and nation. Justice be our shield and defender.

May peace be upon the land of Kenya.


The stuff that is happening in kenya is out of this world.who knew or even imagined that things would ever disintegrate to such chaos and uncertaintity? at this point it doesnt matter so much about the elections and who rigged where or by how much, the bottom line is that many have lost their lives and continue to do so and something needs to be done about it promptly. some of the politicians who are out there making these hard line stances arent the same ones who are being flogged by the police and having their houses and businesses being burnt down left, right and centre. its in fact amazing that the people who have the least going for them are the same ones who can afford the time and energy to dedicate to the “cause” whatever that would be.