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12. South Africa v Kenya 2015 audit

Following from Fridays post and this one two years back I would like to extend the list by  a few things that say home to me and that don’t feel the same here

  • Kenya has a huge tea culture. Even when families have a big do and people have been drinkin’ when tea time (4-5pm) rolls in, people – old and young, male and female, will all take a break and have a cuppa. Not so much in SA. How many times have I hosted people, offered tea and heard, ” well, we are drinkin’ so maybe not.”
  • Also, just the fact we prefer tea to coffee. Despite growing and exporting both.
  • Also, just the fact that it took me years to find a local brand of tea bags that was brewed as strong as the one I loved at home. Hello Five Roses African Blend which is perfectly strong and is sourced from Eastern Africa teas.
  • Taxis that do not have a fare collector or someone that calls out the route. Meaning that the person that seats up front, next to the driver, has to take the fare and give back any change. Nerve wracking when I used to take a taxi where the fare was R11.50 per person and you had to quickly decide how much was due for all the 15  taxi passengers. Fast. It also never ceased to amuse me how the driver would be so uninterested i.e. if you needed him to give you two fifty cents for R1, he would look ahead and say he has no change! So what must happen?
  • In addition, you have to learn all the different taxi signs to be able to signal correctly to the driver.
  • All this, against the fact that I do not speak any Zulu, which is standard taxi language for Johannesburg. NERVE WRACKING!
  • Also, I find that I still compare the price of taxi (matatu) fare in Kenya v SA. Very expensive in South Africa.
  • Standard rice in South Africa is fat and Basmati is quite expensive. I will just leave that here because in Kenya we have different quality of Basmati rice for all!
  • One ply tissue? One ply tissue? WHY? What does it do. I find that I totally judge any establishment that has one ply because ONE PLY TISSUE IS INEFFECTIVE!
  • Fast food and eating out is much cheaper in South Africa than in Kenya. Although, the food in Kenya is naturally organic whereas it is highly processed in SA. On this, I would rather be in Kenya.
  • Being asked all of the time (still) what my name means. Urrggh! Almost universal fact is that all South African names have a meaning and it is expected that similarly African names on the continent will be the same. Which for the most part is true. I just happen to be that minority with a name similar to a local name that has a meaning, but mine doesn’t. It would take a separate post to explain all the inappropriate places where I have been asked what my name means – just off the top of my head, calling for official purposes to speak to an individual and having to leave a message with the receptionist who will keep me on the phone longer to ask what my name means and whether I have heard of the local equivalent. Urgggh just urgggh!
  • I miss the fruits in Nairobi that taste great all the time!! Not so much here where it’s a lottery of what you might get.
  • Talk radio. Bye Bye all the morning drive filth in Nairobi. Just good bye and good riddance!
  • How the country bleeds or shines when the Boks, Proteas and Bafana Bafana play. I don’t get it. I am most likely to be the person shopping because people are at home or at Sports bars and I can finally pack by the entrance to the shopping centre.
  • South Africans have labour rights and a social security system that actually works. It still surprises me!
  • The state of education. I argue all the time with people I know that it is unacceptable and that in Kenya poor people work hard and get the best quality of education that they can possibly get for their kids and the pass mark is much much higher than here. It saddens me that in Public primary schools, the kids get like half an hour of homework, Monday to Wednesday and maybe on Thursday and this stops almost a month to the final exams! Yes, I know there are private schools but there you get what you pay for – as it to be expected!
  • Beach fronts in Cape Town and Durban are easily accessible to the public. You can park your car and walk to the beach and not to have to walk through a dingy path or pretend that you had gone for drinks at a hotel. Nah! None of that, you just walk across and sit beach side 🙂
  • Expiring data??? Not sure if this applies in Kenya but where does expired data go? Does it slow down or what happens? I do not understand why data has an expiry date.
  • Also just Kenya rocks for the fact that Wireless is widespread and the net speed is much faster.
  • Our lackluster presidents. UK and JZ belong together and both sadden me!

If you have been to or lived in either country, please let me know your thoughts? If you have only ever lived in the one country, what makes it home for you?

Gnovembers favourite things list

Currently listening to this album and loving it. A bit late but it’s been my work jam for some time now!

Recently read the following book: Review here.

Recently shopped at The Space in Rosebank. I love the shop, often has lovely clothes but of a larger size. Check it out!

Currently drinking Ginger Glace tea from Tea Merchants

Ginger Glace

I have enjoyed eating Tapas at Doppio Zero in Rosebank. My favourites, Chickpea fritters, fried haloumi, the calamari and chicken livers. Just yum and not too filling if you are having an early dinner.

I am ashamed that I watch the following reality shows but I so do love them:

Also, do reach out to a friend and enjoy the little moments. Life is too short and great friends are hard to come by so keep the few that you make

*All views my own

Little restaurants that mean something to me

Ok, not so little but just places that over the years I have enjoyed going to and definitely hold a dear place in mine heart. This is in line with my new desire to write more about South Africa. So these are restaurants that I have been to in the last three or four years and repeatedly returned to. Before, going further, I must say, that the difference between going out for a meal in Nairobi and say here is the fact that i can have a two or three course meal without breaking the bank.

JB’s corner. I definitely remember the first time I went to the one at Melrose Arch. It was three years ago in October, and it had been raining all evening. We’d been invited to a friends birthday dinner that was being held here before karaoke here. Now of course I did not sing, but that’s a whole other post Winking smile. Initially, we had sat outside and they had blankies and all sorts of heaters to keep us warm, then as the pack headed to the Colony, we got a table inside and had dinner. I loved the service, the vybe and the company. I have been back once since and it did not disappoint.

Koi. Now I’ve been to the one in Sandton and the one in Rosebank and now found out that they have another one in Pretoria. Added to my imaginary to-do list. Only been to this place for dinner and so maybe at lunch it has a different feel to it. We went during the World Cup fever last year and there was a game in the background so there was all that loudness and noise but it was also very chilled and if you wished, you could have a intimate conversation. Loved the vegetarian spring rolls starters (it had mango) … Wasn’t too in love with the salmon served on wasabi mashed potato. The flavour was just too intense and it soured the mashed for me. I have since been back and enjoyed the grilled line fish with stir fried vegetables. For dessert, we had the chocolate brownie and cheesecake (we had starters and a main the first time and then mains and a dessert the second time)But see what they  have to offer here.

Doppio Zero. I like this restaurant, both the Rosebank and Greenside one, makes me feel very trendy and almost grown up. I like the food, the service, the cheesecake. (Yes! Its my thing, to look for the best cheesecake in Joburg). Have had breaky, lunch and dinner here and this place is perfect for loud groups, girlie meet-ups and intimate dining arrangements.

Wanna treat me to any surprise, check out the stuff here or suggest a meal at any of these places and I’m sold.

party time

Last Wednesday was a double, double celebration.

My parents enjoyed their 37th wedding anniversary and we continue to pray that they would grow together and more and more in love.

One of my friends also celebrated her 26th birthday and we went to Odd Café in Greenside. They serve breakfast all day, mhhhh and other healthy snacks (on a day when I was so hungry, I could have eaten a cow :p). It was nice to chill with a new bunch of people and especially as it was so cold and I had considered cancelling.

the one where i feel i have to

It has been such a long time since I posted and so here are a few random thoughts running through my mind!

  1. I think Lady Gaga tries too darn hard. And I’d be embarrassed to like her!
  2. Going olive green for my bedroom wall and decor, looking to stitch most of it myself. Matching colours that anyone knows of? Soft yellow, Pink?
  3. Reading the Anatomy of South Africa and although its a little dated, seeing as Thabo Mbeki was still in power, its been quite educational in terms of learning about the people with influence and power in SA and the ANC government.
  4. At the weekend, went to this place for a braai, must say that despite the surroundings, they do serve up a lovely plate!

So whats caught your fancy?