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… goodbye Cape Town

town near body of water

Photo by Fox on Pexels.com

Having said that, there were some nice parts to living in Cape Town and I am surprised to admit that I will miss the city, in particular:

  1. I made some great, life long friends which I did not expect to, with the talk of Cape Town being so cliquey.
  2. I much preferred the mountain to the ocean truth be told.
  3. There was greater work-life balance.
  4. PechaKucha was organised more often.
  5. Not having to go into a mall for any small thing, you could get it at a local shopping centre.
  6. Driving slowly and no one hooting at me.
  7. Milder winters …


So Thankful

Today I am grateful for:

  1. BSF and the brilliant notes they have been preparing for this years study.
  2. Great friends.
  3. Our home and all that it means to us in this season.
  4. My family and for WhatsApp that allows us to be in touch.
  5. Beautiful Johannesburg weather.
  6. Oranges, pawpaw and yoghurt.
  7. The freedom that my car provides me.
  8. Work and the ability to earn an income.
  9. A great cup of tea.
  10. Flavoured sparkling water.

For what are you grateful for?

My City is Better than Yours

When I moved to Cape Town, I did not expect to like, or GASP love it, as much as I did Johannesburg. Two years on, I feel like I am cheating on my first love but here goes a list of things I love about the city.

  • Franschhoek and the annual literary festival
  • The Book Lounge
  • The Mountain View
  • Camps Bay – I don’t do this often because it gets touristy and it’s a big contrast to the daily inequality but occasionally, I do note its’ beauty and appreciate that.
  • Wine Farms
  • Unstuffy Markets – Mojo Market, Old Biscuit Mill and Oranjezicht. For some reason in Joburg, peeople need to dress up and then get to markets and look like they just walk up like that, URGGGH!!
  • An Evening BSF Class
  • The Promenade
  • Being able to walk around to most places
  • A main street that means not having to get into a mall unless you want to, Yay!!!
  • Off-street Parking
  • Kalk Bay
  • A gorgeous CBD
  • Love the pace of drivers and their general chill
  • It’s a very outdoors and family-oriented place

10 things that make me smile

  1. Discovering a lovely brand of tea.
  2. Sleeping in on a Saturday morning during the BSF break.
  3. A wonderful chat with my sisters and friends.
  4. I read my first Bessie Head (Maru) this week and it was lovely.
  5. Successfully parallel (flash) parking in one attempt.
  6. Trying a recipe and immediately knowing you will do it again.
  7. Enjoying Season 7 of My Kitchen Rules.
  8. Seeing my nephew and niece as they start to interact as siblings.
  9. Really enjoying the study of James. Quite challenging but very interesting.
  10. Discovering a great podcast and then going back to download all 80 episodes Smile 

Pet peeves

Just a few things that are grating on my nerves at the mo’.

  1. The gross impersonation of the African accent that Europeans occasionally dabble in a la Kerry Washington in The Last King of Scotland and Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamonds.We do not sound like that, nowhere on the continent. I recently listened to an audiobook – A guide to the birds of East Africa (its fiction Smile ) and the readers Kenyan accent made the peoples sound like blithering fools.
  2. Drivers who do not indicate when they are going to turn left or right. I have no other driving concerns except the guy who won’t indicate especially  when you are at a T-junction and want to know if they are turning onto your road or going past you ….
  3. Reading blogs (that I understand are people’s personal biz) that detail pets in great detail. Any blog that has fur babies, details vet trips …. puke!

Big L and loving it

So I have been learning to drive these past couple of days with my sister, bless her soul, who is kind enough to drive in with me to work each morning and drive back with me in the evenings just while I work on my confidence and get accustomed to the roads. Learning is about a lot of things: juggling the clutch and accelerator, knowing when to increase the pressure and when to hang back or reduce the pressure slightly, it’s about anticipating the needs of the driver next to you and the guy who might quickly join the road or the clever chap who won’t indicate until too late, the taxi (matatu) driver who will stop at any point on the road and is best followed at a distance. The pet peeve though, is the cyclist and motorcyclist who just cycle along, carelessly.  When done here, I am off to sign the petition to get separate cycle routes. What I have definitely learnt, is that driving is all about being calm and when the car stops, to stop the car, put on my hazards and just breathe, then start my car and go along swiftly. Also, that people do respect the “L” sign on the back of my car and will not hoot or do any of that.



An Adult Gap Year ..

I really wish I could take a year off next year and do all these quaint things you know!

  • Teach English in a foreign country, Spain although I hear they are racist
  • Work as a bar tender in London or New York, I wonder if this is glamourous
  • Work in a winery in France
  • Trek through parts of Europe
  • Go to Malindi or Jinja this year for sure
  • Do the drive between Joburg and Cape Town with friends

So my sister and I took to the road a couple of weeks back and it has been quite an experience. I AM SO DETERMINED to do it right this time round, it has been nerve wracking too but It will be done…..