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2017 in Posts

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Ambition Over Time

Over the past couple of weeks, I have spoken to close female friends about the nature of ambition in women. In this time as well I have looked back at journals I wrote when I was in my late teens and possibly into my early twenties and that young voice was so clear about all the things that I had to achieve by a given age. It’s amazing that I did not envision life happening and how determined I was that my goals would happen when and as I planned. Years later, I somehow feel like I ticked off some of these things and yet so many others I did not. Does this mean I have sold myself out? Am I less ambitious now? What’s happening to me?

What do I know for a fact? I am still driven. I still love to excel and push myself. I enjoy making plans and looking to improve and exceed my own expectations.

  • The most significant difference as I have gotten older is that I am now more pragmatic and better able to understand that life is what happens between the achievement targets.
  • That comparison is the thief of joy and anytime I look at others’ accomplishments, I come off looking worse and feeling horrid about myself.
  • That dreams and targets can change as I also grow and experience life. And that’s OK too.

Preach Seth Godin

Best work followed by best work followed by more best work is far more useful and generous than merely doing your best work once and insisting we understand you.


All the Time!!

Requires so much discipline to keep pushing when you feel like your best is good enough but there is so much more reward to doing so.

Happy birthday to me

I got a diary that asked me to write a letter to myself on the 1st of January and read it at the end of the year. Well, as I am twenty five days too late. Happy 29th birthday and all the best for this year and always.

I wish for myself this year to keep my sanity and maintain all my close friendships at the same time. Regarding friendships, I wish to have few and dear friends that I can share with and be open to laughter, criticism and everything else in between.

I pray for financial stability. Boy how I do!! I am embarrassed to bring this up again, but I totally need a side-hustle because I really want to travel and I am willing to sacrifice something to do this. I want to use my skills set and the time in the evening I have to make this work. Definitely not those online data entry jobs, nah, something more legit and visible.

I want to work with women this year and empower them in a meaningful and tangible way. I want to grow closer in my walk with God and indeed, this is finally the year that I shall read through the book from Genesis – Revelation!

As usual I want to read great books, eat good food and have a merry old time.

Cheers to a great year and happy birthday to me …

15: Thought for the day

Two thoughts dancing through my brain right now?

You don’t need permission to be you

… For the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy but I have come that you may have life and life in abundance … (John 10.10)

Go forth and release the dreams that you have burning up inside you. You know, the ones that won’t let you rest at night and that you see first thing in the morning when you wake.

Nurturing your creativity

A friend recently sent me this little eBook, “How to be Creative” by Hugh MacLeod. I didn’t think much of it but in the course of my recent travels, I had time to read it and it’s spectacular. Its only 48 pages long.


I really liked this book because it helped me to nurture my creative side something that my professional job does not particularly encourage. Definitely, read it when you get a chance but this is what I thought following reading it.

What have I spent/ do I plan to spend 10,000 man hours perfecting and sharpening my skills?

I would like to do something about my writing, hold up, I don’t have a novel sitting inside me, nothing like that, but in terms of writing scholarly articles and editing papers. In the short-term, my plan is to qualify as a language editor and make some money on the side.

What is the little voice in my head saying to do?

Loudly in my head, its saying “Go on! Do it! What’s the worst that could happen?”

What are the pillars along the way?

Laziness, Fear of what might be, Telly and other social commitments.

Is my idea unique enough?

Probably not, but as a starting side-hustle, it is certainly simple enough to execute. But in the book Hugh Macleod talks of coming up with an idea that stands out from the

“Inspiration precedes the desire to create, not the other way around.”
“Part of being a Master is learning how to sing in nobody else’s voice but your own.”

Just, for just

Always wished I could be an illustrator and draw such whimsical things. But all these prints are available from Nidhi Chanani all available here. Her work is also reviewed here.


I have been getting the urge to go and work in a small town somewhere or go abroad and just be on my own. I love my family but being the youngest has meant that certain lessons I’ve been spared and while I dont want to go large, but I think I want to get some growth of sorts. So its a toughie but its just within there somewhere

Guess who will be in Nairobi??????? Jars of Clay, somebody dislikes me!