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I suppose I am no different from all the other bloggers, huh?

If I did not primarily blog to make myself happy and to try and chronicle my thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes, it would get awful boring and lonesome. Must say there is nothing like spending time agonising over a post, mulling it over and then returning to it, editing until the final product is good and then hitting post only for no comment or interaction, and sometimes, even a “Like” would do.

So there, I said it, it would feel nice to have that public acknowledgement from time to time.

Must say though, the best feeling, more than a “Like” is notification of a subscriber and the ensuing debate in my head as to what in my writing must have pulled them in and for me to try and write better/ differently to draw in even more.

Or nothing like having a comment from a blog that I love and admire and it feels so good to have them come along here to my space and also comment.

I also do understand the people that read and move along, I do stalk other bloggers from the sidelines and comment in my head or feel with them when “real life” happens to them but never comment in person. I too “feel” as I’m sure all my loyal reader and subscribers do as well and for that I am grateful to keep doing this and keep sharing of myself.