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while i was on holiday i changed my sleep pattern so i effectively became nocturnal and now that im back at the office, im SO paying for it- i feel like im paying with blood for the same! i have been averaging three to four hours sleep and i cant say im liking it at all coz for instance this minute in time i feel like falling on the floor and sleeping and if anyone’s gotta problem, they can stick it Moony

on a lighter note though im glad that Clinton won its a good blow for us ladies- but i must qualify that and say that between Obama and Clinton it will be a good election coz as far as im concerned they are both underdogs and il be damned if i dont stand up for the underdogs! yey for blacks and YEY for women (can you just tell who is the bigger underdog to me?) i read this story about how kissing in SA will soon be enough to land kids in big time trouble and this is whether its consensual or not-should put a right big stop to underage PDA which is the most unsightly thing after Visible Panty Lines and lecherous old men!

now im awake- things have cooled down somewhat in the city of Nairobi and one can hardly believe that this was the scene of all that madness last week! and i think i know whats keeping me up!