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Three (maybe, four) thoughts on Grace

At Church we are covering a series on Grace and so far the study has reminded me of two things that I would like to share today.

The definition of grace is “unearned, unmerited and undeserved kindness and favour of God.” Grace is free and has all to do with God and His love for us a sinful, unfaithful and undeserving people.

Sometimes we forget this meaning and so it’s the third thing that we often forget and so I thought it wise to begin there. Now onto the things that I have actually learnt.

  1. No sin is bigger than God’s grace. There is nothing that we can do that will set us apart from the grace of God. Because if there were, it would negate the very definition of grace.
  2. We have to accept this grace on our own behalf. In that sense it’s personal but it’s also possible that you can reject it and miss out because we choose the penalty (death – the wage for sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ [Rom 6:23]) over and over again.
  3. Lastly, due to our nature, we can get very transactional with God. If you do this, I will ….  I thought I didn’t do this but I see that I quite often do this I still bargain and negotiate and try to “please” God so I am slowly learning to rest in His completed work and to be still.

I pray that I continue to meditate on these truths always.

What’s making you happy now?

  1. A great cup of tea – my sister recently got me some passion and lime tea from Kenya and it is YUM!
  2. Long lazy weekends.
  3. Discovering a lovely little restaurant and liking it.
  4. Church services at 12 O’clock in the Fall/ Winter months.
  5. One-on-one heartfelt chats with friends.

What about you?

Sunday Reads

This definition of her: to go from her father to her husband, to be pretty, docile – a man made tragedy. Her soul was made of larger, more powerful things, things that create or desecrate armies and galaxies. This is why when she loves she changes kingdoms, and when she hates she destroys legacies.  Nikita Gill, Jasmine, A Princess That Belonged To Herself First


Sunday Reads

Fill your life with women that empower you, that help you believe in your magic and aid them to believe in their own exceptional power and their incredible magic too. Women that believe in each other can survive anything. Women who believe in each other create armies that will win kingdoms and wars. Nikita Gill


Sunday Reads


Sunday reads

  1. Being professional means working with whatever tools you have access to.
  2. Working out as a believer.
  3. Our response to a couple that only wants one kid!
  4. Advice to young jobseekers on how to present your CV.
  5. The church in Ethiopia.
  6. 13 Rules for female friendship.
  7. Bullet journals seem so FUN.
  8. Travelling while Muslim.
  9. The cost of being a woman and doing fieldwork

21: KE vs SA: First impressions

Moving towns is not easy, least of all one that you have lived in 20+ years and love dearly. The following is a list of things I first compared between the new home and old home. Enjoy and take it in the spirit it is intended.

  • Being able to read books and newspapers at the bookshop. And not have to pay for them. Oh and no one looks at you funny or tries to intimidate you.
  • Funeral cover advertising. Like regular health insurance except they pay for the costs of your burial. Ah, Ok!
  • Openly gay people. My sisters and I kept saying there must be a third gender because of these men and women that proudly embrace their “other” sex and take it on full-on. One of the leading local soapies even has an openly gay married couple. Yeah, let’s see that on ANY Kenyan station, public or privately owned!
  • Street fashion. It’s interesting to just stop and stare at people’s unique interpretation of fashion. Very colourful and unique.
  • Understanding the phenomenon that is “excess”. Why am I paying for insurance if I must cough up the first X thousand of any claim I make????? Just sounds like daylight robbery.
  • That motor insurance is optional! In Kenya everyone must have insurance whether comprehensive or third-party. Not so here.
  • The prevalence of Afrikaans and Afrikaners. Coming here I knew South Africa has eleven official languages I just didn’t think it had been integrated and people could openly speak of it or that some people were comfortable with and proud to be culturally Afrikaner!
  • I liked the fact that many people my age spoke an African language. As we all know that’s one thing I sorely regret not being able to partake in.
  • Churches having braais with beer/evening events with sherry and beer! And that after the service you can decide to light up your cigarette and no one will kick you out.
  • Leaving handbags on chairs during communion in church and that no one steals the bags.
  • How people combine traditional and modern/traditional and religion and they just know when to do so.
  • Almost all Black names will have a meaning. Nice!
  • The fascination with race – like never knowing I was Black till I came here.
  • Being told the scope of an exam. How’s about reading the whole semester work and then being surprised coz it is called an exam, right?
  • Calling lecturers by their first name to their face. Yeah!
  • Drinking tap water!  In Kenya that’s asking for death right there.
  • The number of well-maintained public parks for recreation. I keep expecting someone to grab that land and construct a house or school.
  • A public transportation system that actually works and/or cheap cabs.
  • I love(d) that any Church service had people from all racial backgrounds.
  • The difference in pronunciation between stuff I knew from home: Panado v Panadol, Weetbix v Weetabix.
  • Butternut and pumpkins are always sweet. That and the introduction to food stuff like “dombolo” (dumplings) and samp. YUM!

1: Are you currently living your most authentic life?

I was talking to a highly accomplished friend of mine (Rhodes Scholar, two Masters degrees, now studying at Harvard) last week and this thought popped into my head when we were both lamenting the fact that we want to do (the elusive) MORE  with our lives but don’t know what that is and in the meantime we are torn between having faith in God and just feeling jaded.

Am I living my most authentic life? Probably not:

  1. I believe as a Christian that I need to serve God with my talents and gifting but I just do not know where. I am called to teach but I don’t think its to Sunday school. I feel very passionate about women and empowering them, is that it Lord?
  2. I am dissatisfied with the Church that I currently go to and I think its related to (1) above. I don’t feel this is my eventual spiritual home so I feel pushed out, but in a way that will encourage searching and greater fulfilment in my Christian walk.
  3. What about PhD topics and the bit that involves funding? I just wanna pipe down and get the proposal done but it always ends in a resounding BUT …
  4. I wrote this post of things I would like to achieve before I turn 30 and let’s just say its nowhere near complete and I feel like I have really let myself down and I am trying in the next 16 months to try and catch up on that. So help me God.
  5. I am grateful for my job, but I am not content or happy with it and I feel like the elusive Gen X’er! 
  6. I really want to travel, but I mostly want to travel on my own for a couple of days. I am considering a walking tour to the Eastern Cape for a couple of days. Only question is when?????

What would help you know you are living your most authentic life?

St Georges

The end

After the loveliest month ever, it is finally over, drut! and on everyone’s lips is the vow to go to Brazil in 2014 and to enjoy this fever, it really is contagious and this coming Monday will feel like the beginning of Black Monday. It’s been a blast, and I got to watch two matches, one in Polokwane, Algeria- Slovenia and at Soccer City, Ghana- Uruguay and the emotions that that match was. I think each city needs to host something of this magnitude at least once, and since Kampala had CHOGM, it’s only fair that Nairobi host something next *she turns and smiles coyly*.

My five year old nephew is so obsessed with being male its amazing the number of things he can spin into male and female or male is better and female is not… I think its age appropriate for boys and girls of that age but it’s so darling to behold. This article goes a little into how children are enculturated into the different gender roles: dolls for boys and cars for girls? Novel or realistic? And I guess depending on how we answer that, we can then determine roles in marriage. Do you split roles down the middle or do you believe that women should do certain roles only and the same for men, or? I guess roles play a bigger than we think. Just read about the Anglican Church and their meeting to decide whether women ought to be ordained as bishops or not. For me, it’s somehow so straight forward, God called us all, Jew or Gentile, free or slave, male or female..For there is now no condemnation..and we are each called to serve God daily in our walk with Him, and so obviously not all of us will be called into full-time ministry BUT some of us will get the calling and some will be female, Gentile or enslaved (to sin- as we all are) BUT after He calls us, no one on earth ought to say this or the other. However, what of the few who are so ritualistic and who might be led astray by their ordination? What about those ones then? It might be clear cut to me, but its also not just about it, much as I’d love to make it.

This coming weekend is one of partying and joy, my cousin graduates today afternoon, my mom and dad turn 64 and 66 on Saturday and Sunday respectively and so although far from them, wish them all the best and much, much love 🙂


The pics below didn’t appear as I’d hoped so oopsy but with time, they sure will so stick around y’all.

The YLT elections were today. Wonder how they went and whether the thing was at all effective with the different ministries bonding and what have you.

sand and blues

I’m back at work now and what I learnt is that East or West my messy bedroom is definitely home. There is only so much of hotel food and the whole ambience that you can have in one week. On friday we had this really intense session that ended at 8 p.m. I was on the 9:30pm bus back to Nairobi as I had to be in Town by 7am. The Lord is truly great as I was here at 6:30 and made it to my meeting in good time. I went home thereafter and had an hour nap and in the afternoon went off to run a couple of errands.

I dread going to Church these days as in between wondering what the service might be about or who might preach there is also the fact that you have to keep dodging the question “are you OK” and “are things OK” and all that and its just overkill you know so there I am plotting my Jack Bauer moves when I do get there. Yesterday was no different but I had a lovely afternoon and I guess nothing lost there?

I feel like speaking to our Youth Coordinator and asking him  if we have any funds left to do an end of year party, although I was actually thinking more of cocktails and bitings but question is what,where and how? Haven’t planned anything in yonks so can hardly wait.

I came across this really interesting blog that is entirely in french and I thought? Do I really speak French? Je ne comprends pas at this rate!