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Sunday Reads

  1. Quick lunch/snack recipe: Chickpea “tuna” salad 
  2. Cooking with lentils & beans
  3. Don’t really like vegetarian burgers but these lentil meatballs sure look yum!
  4. This article made me realise why people do not share the names of their babys before birth, but clearly once they are born, the name is not safe either!!
  5. Pics of the beautiful Cape Town.
  6. Beautiful pics of the Festima Festival in Burkina Faso.
  7. Some non-traditional baby gift ideas.
  8. Breaking up is hard. Breaking up in the day of Facebook, is something else altogether.(NY Times Article)
  9. A better way to think of your to-do list.
  10. Get Tested. Be Faithful. Remain Faithful. Otherwise, always use protection.
  11. On buying friendship in Japan. Read this and thanked God for my genuine (free) friendships.
  12. This lady did what I always say to my single pals about putting themselves out there in order to meet a guy!
  13. Sad that the recently legalised Marijuana business in the states has a colour preference.
  14. How do you feel about motherhood?


Attempting an abbreviated post

I admire people who can tell so much in a post by using bullet points and when I try to, I instead do a brain dump of links I have loved as clearly brevity does not come so easily to me but I shall attempt to charge ahead.

  • Went for the AfCon 2013 final match at Soccer City and let’s just say it was a mini-Abuja all right.
  • Well done Burkina Faso, the little bus that could!
  • Finally my Pilates class is back to normal numbers – the last two weeks, I’ve had to rush there to get a spot!
  • Certainly won’t miss the heavy breathers that totally mistook what breathing out means. Its just normal breathing, nothing heavy and fancy!
  • The Pope is resigning! Slowly now, The. Pope. Is. Resigning.
  • Kenya votes on the 4th of March and I do not like the vibe I am getting off Facebook – I just pray that it does not become very tribal and degenerate into a violent episode like five years back.
  • My phone, a Blackberry Curve, is over its sell-by date and is totally actin up. Looking for a new one!
  • Would you believe, still waiting to watch the season Finale of Homeland Season 2! (NO spoilers please)
  • Watched two silly movies recently: For a good time call (I’m the girl who loved Jack and Miri … ) and The Campaign. Judge away.