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Kids say the cutest things ever

Please read this post on cute things that kids say and then look at the comments as well. Below are some stand-out gems:

  • Setting the scene: peaceful Saturday morning. Cup of coffee, book, couch, blanket, fireplace, spouse taking care of the baby, bliss.

Suddenly the 4-year-old pipes up: “Mama. When are you and daddy going to die?”

  • I got in a 30 minute heated argument with my 4 year old once over who took care of her when I was a baby. (I had shown her a newborn picture of myself and it blew her mind to pieces.) She shrieked… “BUT MOM!!!!!! When you were a baby, and I was a baby, who was taking care of me??!! You couldn’t take care of me if you were a baby. Gasp! Oh no, was I all alone?” No matter how much I explained, the more upset she became. We finally settled on… Grandma. Grandma took care of all of us. And with that, the argument was over haha.
  • “Listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, no matter what. If you don’t listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big, because to them all of it has always been big stuff.“
  • Sometimes I overhear a kid say something funny at a store and start laughing. And then one of my kids screams, ‘why are you laughing? Tell me Tell me!’ And then it gets awkward.
  • My son was at about 2 years old when he saw me coming out of the shower and said “mumma, I love your bajina.” I could not have laughed harder.
  • The other day, my 5-year-old daughter looked at me sweetly and said, “Mama, when you get old and die, can I have your phone?”

All this reminds me of a conversation with my 2.75 year old niece at the time who in a public bathroom asked me rather loudly whether I have a vagina and how I wanted to eat her up whole because I was not sure what would follow my answer! Urrrghs kids 🙂

Sunday Reads

I Hear Myself Everywhere

I consume a lot of stuff online or on television and I know that the stuff I like best is anything that I can read and feel in some ways that it represents my inner voice. Like what you ask?

  • Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. In many ways she is my inner voice from when I was 16 until now at 32 – she is what the inner me wants to be.
  • Cup of Jo. This blog is what I wish that my own little corner of the internet would grow up to be.
  • Call your Girlfriend. This podcast reminds me of conversations I would have with my best gal pal and sans the cursing. As the tag line promises, it is the podcast for long distance besties which we happen to be.
  • Julia Braverman and her family because I REALLY loved the show Parenthood.
  • Tamar and Vince. Something about this show reminds me of the Mr and I . I also say that Tamar is the inner last born I always wish my family allowed me to be.
  • Randal and Beth Pearson from This is Us is another portrayal of how I think the Mr and I relate to each other. If ever there was a couple on TV that I would happily squeal #Relationshipgoals it would be them.

And you, who/ what represents that inner voice?



Links I have loved this week

I have had it on my to-blog list for the longest time to do a blog recommendation citing some of the blogs that I love and why. And I will get to that, for now, please see some that I have come across this week and added onto my Feedly/ gone through all the archives to catch up on.

Chef Afrik


First started in November 2011, Chef Afrik is my African food and travel lovechild. The site’s motto, “Cooking my way through Africa one country at a time”, indicates my pursuit as a Kenyan diasporan to discover the continent of Africa through its food. As well as showcasing food from all over the continent “In the Kitchen”, I also enjoy interviewing people who work with African food, whether as food writers, bloggers or chefs in my “Get to know” series.

Though the original goal was to focus solely on African food, the site has evolved to also include my fascination with African travel.  In 2014, I will begin a traveling through the whole continent writing about travel, food and youth culture. I will document my travel preparations here in a series called Eat, Pray, Africa.

Black Bliss Wedding


This blog is dedicated to people of colour and their breath taking weddings that each one of us admires.

What have you read recently that has captured your fancy?

13: On women and female friendship

I read this post the other day and it caught my fancy because for some reason, I am great friends with women and can literally count the number of males that I count as close and personal friends. So this post is largely about how valuable female friendships are. This post can and should be read as a follow up to the tribute I paid to my incredible sisters earlier this year.

Jessi of naptime diaries asks:

Do you have women to walk with that speak to the wild and free soul within you? Do you have women that remind you you are a part of a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a people of his own possession that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness and into the marvelous light? Ideally, we’d all have a few.

This paragraph triggered in me the importance of growth in friendship and in of encouraging each other and speaking little words of wisdom to each other. My particular gifting in life is to do just that – I am the friend that likes to hear what other friends are doing and look for a way to encourage, to push my friends to do more and actually bring to pass their plans. It’s not unlike me to take out a pen and paper and document the conversation, the plans and the timelines. I am that friend that believes in others and wants to see them do their best and that’s how I help release in other people the freedom to be themselves and reach for their dreams. And if they don’t make the established goals, then it’s also fine and we can start over and again.

Do I have the same friend in my group? Absolutely, someone that will tell me when I step out of line. Someone that will pick up from something I said that I am not OK and follow up with me and check that I am. Listen to my dream and my plans and go through the process with me.

I firmly believe in the bond that women have with each other and the positive effects that stems from these. I am not one to tear another’s success down or talk ill of someone just so I feel better about myself. I am not that kind of woman and it demeans me to get involved in such actions. Women are said to be their own worst enemies but I think its a narrow view – women are the best gift God gave to other women and we have to harness that. HAVE TO!