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Links I have loved this week

  1. Daily prompts for January for those wishing to blog better this year!
  2. There goes my dream for a VW Camper/Kombi
  3. Fun things to do in Nairobi – I tried to count how many I have done but there are too many. Lemme know how you do!
  4. How NOT to report on “Africa”
  5. Belated: But so well written on the Justin Sacco matter
  6. Love me some Nene Leakes 
  7. Discovered these little girls on YouTube


Links I have loved this week

I have had it on my to-blog list for the longest time to do a blog recommendation citing some of the blogs that I love and why. And I will get to that, for now, please see some that I have come across this week and added onto my Feedly/ gone through all the archives to catch up on.

Chef Afrik


First started in November 2011, Chef Afrik is my African food and travel lovechild. The site’s motto, “Cooking my way through Africa one country at a time”, indicates my pursuit as a Kenyan diasporan to discover the continent of Africa through its food. As well as showcasing food from all over the continent “In the Kitchen”, I also enjoy interviewing people who work with African food, whether as food writers, bloggers or chefs in my “Get to know” series.

Though the original goal was to focus solely on African food, the site has evolved to also include my fascination with African travel.  In 2014, I will begin a traveling through the whole continent writing about travel, food and youth culture. I will document my travel preparations here in a series called Eat, Pray, Africa.

Black Bliss Wedding


This blog is dedicated to people of colour and their breath taking weddings that each one of us admires.

What have you read recently that has captured your fancy?

Ever get the feeling somebody is watching you?

I frequently blog about spam email I get and that obviously involves clicking on it …. after these two articles, I wont be doing that again EVER.

He challenged the hackers to investigate his life and see what they could find out. And here is how they went about it. 

We all leave some footprint online, lets think about it and be more conscious about what we share and what we don’t. Like in my blogging, I am curious to know what my readers know about me, that I am not aware of sharing. So do share! Also, what sort of stuff would people pick up about you/ what measures have you made to limit this kind of contact?


31: Lessons learnt from daily posting

I don’t typically blog daily (sorry new readers/subscribers but do stick around!) but this month, I decided to have my own Daily Post challenge and see how that goes. I also noticed that a lot of bloggers will do that in October and without even planning,  I posted something on the first and the second and then I decided cool, this is what I am going to do. And along the way I picked up a couple of lessons.

  1. Its been tough to come up with content that is fresh, inspired and funny/witty at the same time.
  2. Having to generate content made me focus more on writing and less on living which then made me sad. I was living through the blog and not really savouring and enjoying the moments as I had planned them.
  3. I got lazy, I didn’t think or reflect enough as I would think of something to write and immediately write. So I started cheating and writing shorter paragraphs that weren’t a reflection of me that allowed to check off that particular day.
  4. On the more positive, it made me write on a whole lot of other topics than I might typically have considered.
  5. I loved and enjoyed the writing daily and wouldn’t mind continuing on condition someone occasionally helped me generate content.

For now, I am off to take a bit of a break and enjoy some time off and when I come back, I might be back to blogging twice or thrice at week. Certainly not at the weekend as I shall be off living my fabulous life 🙂

6th Blogaversary

Shout out to my esteemed readers

After posting this bleg, I got such a good response from my readers and felt it right to highlight some of the key posts on how to make money off your blog or how to increase readership.

Fly with Nate on how to make money in three easy steps.

Tanner Hawryluk has a revolutionary idea on blogging and marketing.

Jimmy 2 Hats often gives very practical blogging advice. 

Iaconis on why you should know your audience as a blogger.

Usman Hashmi who blogs on different blogging tools.

Anna Linnehan gives affirmation to entrepreneurs.

What other advice have you recently come across/ do you readily dispense with regards to blogging?

My begging bowl and I

I have been blogging for a few years now and reading blogs for just as long and something that I have never quite figured out is how people get to review stuff on behalf of manufacturers or service providers? In particular, I would be interested to find out who approaches the other and on what basis? This is a bleg of note as I would love to be considered to review something (books, holidays, restaurants, anything). Please? Maybe? Thank you in advance!

search terms that lead people here

So I just looked at my site stats to look at words that land people here. Here are some of the more out of the ordinary ones. Enjoy!

    • something that will make me smile – well if I make one smile then it’s a good day!
    • +255 kajembe contact @gmail.com & mungatana.helen@gmail.com – I wonder why?
    • natafuta lesbian (Kiswahili for: I am looking for a lesbian) – I wonder in connection to what!
    • simphiwe dana’s hairstyles – and not her music? apologies!
    • www.southafricateenagesex.com – too scared to click on this link!
    • a descriptive essay about the skhothane – so much and from more prolific writers has been written elsewhere about this culture.
    • Kenyan politicians like: Dalmas Otieno , Mohamed Abdi Kuti, Wakoli Bifwoli , Harun Mwau and Joel Onyancha
    • painting african women colourful – mhhhh..
    • Specifically weird combinations like:
      • richard momoima onyonka + close associates
      • bishop margaret wanjiru house interior
      • thank you god for my birthday image
      • oprah’s natural hair young
      • where to buy cheesecake in pretoria (hope you got to eat some after the search (Smile with tongue out)
      • young woman with old lady wig on

And the most common search term has to do with the poem Whititude by AS Bukenya that I shall insert below.

Whititude – A.S. Bukenya

I envied his being Negro:
For there he was with his hardened face
That told of night and her mystery,
Of age and varied experience,
In shame, in fear, in joy, his hue the same,
Unlike my baby skin that told of all I felt.
And while I pitied him for being black,
I feared he had a depth unknown to me,
Which his darkness hid.

Another summarised entry ..

  • I have realised that I can’t hear someone in my proximity sneeze and not say “bless you”. Whether I know them or not.
  • I sometimes think that people who know me in real life feel the need to discuss really serious things all the time. Like that’s all I do all day, every day.
  • Waiting for the Kenyan election results. Very tense moments.
  • We get the leader that God has set aside for us. Got to believe that.
  • Self-doubt is a professional killer.
  • Feedback is great but its got to have context or it cripples you and makes you feel like the dog chasing its own tail.
  • If I had to mentor someone at university again, I would certainly let them in on some of the soft skills required at the office as formal learning absolutely does not prepare you for the real working life.
  • I just realised I never speak about what I do for a living. Mhhhh, post?

2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Thank you! Asante! Eyalama! Webale! Ngiyabonga! Danke! Merci!

a little background … why i do this

So I have been going through a week (OK a few actually) of posting short little things and running. And this is no different! I know why I started to blog, many moons ago – because I had read so many blogs and some I loved so much and felt like the writer and I were friends, some had witty writing and I figured I could do the same, others, were just a peep show and who doesn’t love to have front row seats to someone else’s life? But then, I also wanted to start a blog coz there were some blogs that I didn’t wanna be like.

  • I don’t like photography blogs at all. I oddly enough read blogs for the writing as well.
  • I don’t like blogs that have graphics telling the story. Just tell the story. Occasionally it works, but that’s the exception rather than the rule.
  • I don’t like blogs that are arranged in newspaper style as opposed to one with two/three columns

This has sparked a little idea in my mind and I will try and share about the blogs that I love to read.

Added:  I also don’t like blogs written by more than one person. I can tell both voices apart but its always harder to get into!

Sometimes bloggers also tire ..

I remember beginning this blog having read so many before and thinking how I was going to be profound and I would write op-eds about so many things and I would be so proud of my writing and I would get followers and faithful readers and what have you.( insert BIG EVIL LAUGH) I don’t know what happened but I think of all these wonderful things to write about when  I’m not near a computer and then I get to one and I just feel so tired and I think maybe next time! I don’t know hey….What happened to all the opinions and strong feelings I had about so many things and all the thoughts that constantly run through my mind and make me laugh and have other people look at me and think, ok, mad girl on the rampage!I seem to have lost my mojo and I wonder what I can do to retrieve it…

Testing, testing!

What’s the use of having a blog if you don’t actually write in it?

What’s the use of going through other peoples blogs and coming up with ideas if when crunch time comes I still don’t use them?

I don’t know what this will look like seeing as I lack prior experience but then again, we don’t know what we are capable of until we give it a try.

So come on, let’s see how this goes.