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Sunday Reads

  1. Books to inspire healthy eating.
  2. Taking care of your knives. I got so many knives as a wedding gift, so this is personally meaningful.
  3. Imagine finding out that what you think of your parents is not so.
  4. Considering all the stuff on HONY the past two weeks, this is so painful to imagine.
  5. Like her blog and this post because it had products that I could probably use.
  6. Probably the only review of Lemonade that resonates.
  7. Learnt a new word this week: syndemic!
  8. It is so true that children have to be taught to hate.
  9. This portrayal of beauty in Kenya over the last 100 years is NOT really representative in my eyes.
  10. I used to advocate for the death penalty.Not anymore.
  11. I really miss living in the same town as my best best friends. I said it!
  12. Love the show Blackish, very interesting to listen to the interview with the shows creator.
  13. Different recipes

Some Sunday Reads

Hope you are having a lovely day, here are some lovely reads for this afternoon.

  1. Going beyond the heading : malaria nets and depleting fish stock
  2. A decadent shrimp risotto recipe
  3. Beck > Beyonce 
  4. So excited for the new TLC Album
  5. This wedding had me catching some type of feelings!
  6. Because I totally love tea
  7. Booya! Reverse tourism

If I had children, I would make them listen to this repeatedly

Take your pick

The original.


Sorry Bey, but I think this cover is better.


I also just love their dreadlocks 😛

16: Interruption to normal programming.


I recently got engaged! I was never one for long engagement stories save to say that He asked and I said yes. Then I got confused and spent an hour staring repeatedly at him and my finger and thinking, wow! is this it? Am I, are we now engaged? Are we doing this for sure? Wuhoooo! Then the great part of telling all our family and friends and hearing the collective ” Finally”, ” Its about darn time!” So the content might change around here but this shall certainly not become a wedding blog – don’t have enough material and there is certainly enough of those out there.

I shall leave you with the wise words of one Ms Bey, now Mrs Carter ….