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Another Round of Favourite Pins

This beautiful bedroom. I pinned it because I love the seat at the foot of the bed and the simple lines and colours.

love the stool at the foot of the bed ...  null:


This young girls locs



I love the openness of this bathroom. Definitely appropriate for a master bedroom

Fave ORC Spaces:


This clever use of space.

qt shelf vignettes:


Anything pretty caught your eye recently?

interior decorator for the day

Disclaimer and Caveat: Not my pics, did not take the source but they are definitely NOT MINE. (Please let me know the source if you happen to know).

This is just stuff I found on my laptop and wanted to dump here … but they are decor stuff that I’d love to have one day!


Something’s bubbling inside ….

Something’s creative is brewing inside and though I’m still mulling over things, this is a little taster of the inspiration.

Lookie look

And something else …

Bedroom colour scheme