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glories of glories

I saw this wordplay that made my morning, ” Carla and Sarkozy so cozy in SA” get it? anyone…..?

Below are a few things that make me go tihiiiiii all the time

Nichole Nordman– i absolutely love her music.

This mag.

This goes to reinforce the fact that I would like to work with my husband on some ministry or something.

These guys are coming to school to recruit – anyone wanna sponsor this good cause?

I love this song loads- the lyrics as they appear below mean the world to me and when I listen to this song it always catches me at just the right time.

 I can’t believe that I’m here in this place again
How did I manage to mess up one more time?
This pattern seems to be the story of my life
Should have learned this lesson by the thousandth time.
‘Cause I promised myself I wouldn’t fall
But here I’ve fallen
I guess I’m not as strong as I thought
All I can do is cry to you.

Oh God you have to save me
You’re my last and only hope
All my right answers fail me
I can’t seem to make it on my own.
Always thought that I would be strong enoughWhat made all of them fall couldn’t take me down
Yeah, did I think that I was above it all?
I have learned that pride comes before the fall

I can’t promise myself that I won’t fall
‘Cause here I’ve fallen
I know I’m not as strong as I thought
All I can do is cry to you.

Of course it’s by Barlow Girls and when I do listen to it, the first stanza at least, I catch myself thinking  how did i get to this once again? how did i goof up once again? why, why, why?