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Baked eggs with spinach and mushroom

This past weekend in preparation for hosting family over Christmas, I decided to finish up some of the little bits of left over ingredients in the kitchen and whip up something interesting for breakfast for the Mr and I. I took some pics to help with restating the recipe.


I used Rachel Allen’s Entertaing at Home. You can follow this blog’s recipe

You basically need a pan, ramekins, mushrooms, spinach, eggs, cream, cheese, nutmegs, salt and oil/ butter.

Start by melting the oil/butter and add the spinach and mushrooms and cook until they wilt slightly.

Then add the cream and nutmeg to spice.


Once done, remove from the fire and line the ramekins with the mushroom, spinach mixture.

Into the well, break the eggs gently and sprinkle with cheese.

I cooked these at 180 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes in the oven but that was probably too long. Next time, I would do it for half that time and then serve. Once done though, they should like this below.

Serve on toast and I would suggest bacon and/or vegetables on the side and enjoy as you can see from the empty containers below!


Again, the recipe was adapted from Entertaining at Home by Rachel Allen but you can also use this recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

Happy Cooking!