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all the small things

These are all random thoughts and nothing herein is correlated!

  • I did an EXAM yesterday that I am waiting for the results with all parts of me crossed!
  • The Catholic Church has issued the toughest statement against ordaining women as priests! Who chooses and what if its your calling? Why should they stop you? well, Heaven isn’t too far that we won’t hear all these answers.
  • While I was seating in the house all numbed out from the macro experience above, I kept thinking of all the hot Caucasian men I know and the list is pathetically short:
    • Patrick Dempsey
    • Dylan McDermott
    • Chris Martin of Coldplay
    • the front man of One Republic
  • Can anyone else think of any other hotties?
  • I’m thinking of starting to write lyrics but my sister keeps bashing my dreams, should I be offended. Like really and truly yeah?
  • I’m convinced that there is a gay agenda that is being pushed by all the TV programmes I mean, do we need to see it on Grey’s and then on Brothers and Sisters when the Priest has a gay lover? what is all this? I mean, come on script writers…