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Sunday Reads on Africa

  1. I have read ten of these 50 must-read books by African female writers.
  2. Exclusive Books publish their first newsletter focused on African Lit. Great start.
  3. A South African church in pictures.
  4. Hot jams to get you ready for the week ahead!
  5. Beyonce’s style of feminism is not my own.” Chimamanda Adichie.
  6. I would venture a guess that most black women have this growing up with black hair story.
  7. On intersectionality. Yaa Gyasi’s essay on what it means to be Ghanaian in America.
  8. Pettinah Gappah’s recent short story.
  9. Love and Johannesburg. The couple reminds me of the Mr and I.
  10. 21 gifts for the creative black woman in your life.
  11. A guide to Africa’s dictators. Here and Here.
  12. Rachel Strohm highlights work by the team at Democracy in Africa in putting together a long reading list of articles on African issues by African scholars.
  13. This page showing Everyday Africa.
  14. But why is my leader like this? Not sure we need mandarin studies in Uganda just yet.

11: Arise oh Continent!

Woke up yesterday morning to news of the kidnapping of the Libyan Prime Minister by suspected Islamic fundamentalists in what is suspected to be retaliation for the US-led mission to capture an al-Qaeda operative. It’s also rumoured that his arrest was ordered by the national prosecutor. Mhhh …

African leaders seem set to vote to jointly walk out of the International Criminal Court (ICC) at a vote to be held this coming Friday. Whether the ICC is perfect or imperfect, we can’t have potential offenders voting on what Court will have the authority to prosecute them. Absolutely not! Please sign this petition to add your voice against this action.