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In the kitchen lately …

One of the things I wanted to do before I turn 30 was to get a few dessert dishes that I include to my repertoire of dishes.

Poached pear (with a dollop of ice cream – NOT home made ūüė¶ )

Red wine poached pears

Made using this recipe. As I don’t like mine too sweet, I always adjust the amount of sugar.


Sweet potato casserole

Made using this recipe. Again, I also reduce the amount of sugar in both recipes.


12: Running my first 10 today

rj 2

My first 10k tonight, wish me luck!

1: Are you currently living your most authentic life?

I was talking to a highly accomplished friend of mine (Rhodes Scholar, two Masters degrees, now studying at Harvard) last week and this thought popped into my head when we were both lamenting the fact that we want to do (the elusive)¬†MORE¬†¬†with our lives but don’t know what that is and in the meantime we are torn between having faith in God and just feeling jaded.

Am I living my most authentic life? Probably not:

  1. I believe as a Christian that I need to serve God with my talents and gifting but I just do not know where. I am called to teach but I don’t think its to Sunday school. I feel very passionate about women and empowering them, is that it Lord?
  2. I am dissatisfied with the Church that I currently go to and I think its related to (1) above. I don’t feel this is my eventual spiritual home so I feel pushed out, but in a way that will encourage searching and greater fulfilment in my Christian walk.
  3. What about PhD topics and the bit that involves funding? I just wanna pipe down and get the proposal done but it always ends in a resounding BUT …
  4. I wrote this post¬†of things I would like to achieve before I turn 30 and let’s just say its nowhere near complete and I feel like I have really let myself down and I am trying in the next 16 months to try and catch up on that. So help me God.
  5. I am grateful for my job, but I am not content or happy with it and I feel like the elusive Gen X’er!¬†
  6. I really want to travel, but I mostly want to travel on my own for a couple of days. I am considering a walking tour to the Eastern Cape for a couple of days. Only question is when?????

What would help you know you are living your most authentic life?