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Words we Need

shelf friend When you become an option. You are not first pick of friends. When your friend starts dating someone and you are put up on a shelf until they have no other people to hang with. I sometimes feel … Continue reading

Words we Need

All these words are from Urban Dictionary. Yuje disclaimer is that there are some very sexualised and irreligious terms there so tread with care! Stall Sniffle The noise someone makes when they want to let you know they are in … Continue reading

7. Words we need

Again, another edition of words we need from Urban Dictionary. lactcident Accidental explosive diarrhea caused by consuming a dairy product by a lactose intolerant person. Donald Trump Living proof that money can’t buy good hair. gender ninja a person who’s … Continue reading

Words we need v5

Again, another opportunity to skim through Urban Dictionary and look at words that the English Dictionary seriously needs to consider. Kidcessory A child had by a celebrity just for the attention. Usually given a bizarre name, because who cares what … Continue reading

Another round of words we need

Again, another opportunity to skim through Urban Dictionary to get words that we actually need. TS: CNR Too Small; Could Not Read Contact sad When you are made sad by other people’s negative comments or attitudes, usually through Facebook posts. … Continue reading

Words we need v3

Following up from Version 1 and 2 here, I think it’s time for us to have another opportunity to laugh and enjoy ourselves. As always, visiting the site will cause you to either laugh or be put off by some … Continue reading

Words we need v2

Following from this post, I figured it was time to skim through Urban Dictionary again and come up with words that we actively use and need in formal language. textretary A person’s sidekick who texts for the driver Nocializing  The act … Continue reading

Words we need

I love that language is dynamic and reacts to some of the modern changes and stuff and we now have words from all over the place in the formal dictionary. Safari, anyone? But less formally, we have words like amazeballs … Continue reading

Book Review: Who Will Catch Us As We Fall

Against the backdrop of the political shenanigans in Kenya, I read this very interesting book on Kenya by a Kenyan Indian author. About the Book. Haunted by a past that has kept her from Nairobi for over three years, Leena … Continue reading

Our love is safe

Talking of love yesterday made me reflect on the type of love I have with my Mr and why it is the perfect love for me/us. Very early on when we were dating we had a discussion and decided that … Continue reading

A Year of Motherhood / Baby Turns One

In person, these feelings and reflections on the past year are mostly joyful but definitely extremely emotional. I cannot put into words what this year has been like but I would like to try. Motherhood takes a village. You can … Continue reading

Guest Post: Motherhood: the first 12 months

Show some love today for a regular guest poster here on the blog for Simple Girl blogging over at (Simple Girl Writes) who defines herself as Slightly Neurotic, Cheerful, Blessed, Wants to be a back-up singer in the next lifetime, Sh*t … Continue reading

Concluding Thoughts from the Book of James

It is quite funny how we can pick to do something and then later find that God had actually purposed for us to learn from that experience. Well, I picked James as I had just finished doing John and wanted … Continue reading

Beware the tongue

I have been studying James over the last couple of  weeks and one of the themes he speaks repeatedly of are the words of your mouth. In fact, he specifically states that “perfect” is the man who is able to … Continue reading

Something on my heart

How can small groups deepen their faith? Encourage your group members to choose a verse or passage of the Bible that illustrates: A way they would like to grow in Christlikeness. A promise they need to remember. An attribute of God’s … Continue reading

Book Review: The Book of Memory

The story that you have asked me to tell you does not begin with the pitiful ugliness of Lloyd’s death. It begins on a long-ago day in August when the sun seared my blistered face and I was nine years … Continue reading

True Fasting (Isaiah 58)

“Shout it aloud, do not hold back. Raise your voice like a trumpet. Declare to my people their rebellion and to the descendants of Jacob their sins. 2 For day after day they seek me out; they seem eager to know my ways, … Continue reading

Reviews of Books I have Recently Read

I had a few books that I needed to get through and here are my thoughts on some of them. Coconut by Kopano Matlwa The story talks about identify, self expression and family as well as issues of class and wealth and … Continue reading

18. Sunday Reads

Economists/ data nerds on Tinder might like this In this day and age of super processed foods, it still surprises me to learn that baby foods are not verboten I always wondered if Black Twitter is because the large majority … Continue reading

A little bit about myself

For no reason at all, I would like to share the following information about myself. Reading: Recently finished We Need New Names (NoViolet Bulawayo) and I needed something light so I picked up Minding Frankie (Maeve Binchy) and next Untitled … Continue reading