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Some Recipes to Try

Nine great lentil soups Garlic Rosemary Masala Fries Curried Red Lentil Hummus Delicious Vegan Pasta Recipes for Weeknights Cooking with butternut … and more butternut recipes here

Recipe-related Sunday Reads

10 ways with sweet potatoes. YUM! Because I love Earl Grey Yep, I am curious about the Michelin Review process. Egg recipes to start your day. Some more Indian recipes for your repertoire. Ashamed, but here I go suggesting other … Continue reading

Some recipes for the winter and the weekend

For some reason, this week, I have been drooling at so many recipes and wanting to get into the kitchen and whip all of them up. Must be the colder mornings and evenings because Winter is slowly creeping up on us. … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

The lies parents tell to keep peace and sanity around the house. May the Church of God continue to stand strong always. Just read a bit of the Word, regardless. This little baby made my day. These lessons can easily … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

I have been thinking of asking my female (mama) pals to a slumber party and stuff, it would make me so happy. Helping kids develop critical thinking skills. Parenting Podcasts For Parents Without Any Free Time Getting rid of clutter … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

RTWT – Read The Whole Thread I suppose middle class parents mean well but the cost of intensive parenting is rather steep. Loved the reasons that kids threw tantrums, so hilarious but i suppose not for the parents. I want to check out this … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

Chronic Flex A condition in which someone feels compelled to constantly bring things that make them look good in casual conversation. It can be the same thing every time or a variety of things; as long as the subtle or obvious … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

Would you keep a journal of all your failures? Why is Cape Town so cliquey? Please read this post on church planting and then listen to This America’s Life podcast on the same. I’d also love to know my family … Continue reading

Happy Fathers Day

When God Withholds Something Good The case for going to Church while on vacation. Very important to critically review the lyrics of popular Worship songs. Anyone looking for book recommendations from TED Speakers. A book on xenophobia in South Africa. How … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

Love hacks to fix your marriage Ever watched something and then asked, what’s the point? I have read 14 of the 23 of these books by African women. In addition to this to-do list, I could totally start/ participate in … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

These are my best friend goals for when we are 70-plus. All night after care facilities for busy parents. Very sad!! Vanilla coconut ice cream. Another pasta recipe. You don’t need a sandwich maker to make these cheese sandwiches. Such memories … Continue reading

Long weekend Reads

Some reads for the long weekend Interesting to learn about the different methods and techniques that go into making a pair of jeans. Desperation drives even the best of us to do the worst of things. Reading about these kids … Continue reading

Sunday reads

What would a similar experiment reveal for various African states? The benefits of being an ally to a working mom If you love beautiful pics and who doesn’t? If you ever wondered about the Porn industry in Japan. It’s a … Continue reading

Monthly Menu: May

This pasta recipe, except I substituted Asparagus that are out of season, for French beans. Pumpkin soup with bacon crumbs. Roasted vegetable couscous – I used aubergines, onions and peppers. Potato bake (I like mine with peeled potatoes and I sometimes add … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

I struggle with a proper Christian view of comfort. Planning a trip to Greater Nairobi? How not to parent. For those that have people in their lives that don’t read but want to get started. What happens to your body … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

View this post on Instagram Rachel in white Patricia in black Mira in yellow Rochelle in Red are playing …Hapiness . Good Peoples good loving music in life feel makes me happy ( by the Foreign Exchange group ) #nichollekobi … Continue reading

(Belated) Sunday Reads

Learning to pray – we all need some tips at time. Such a weird YouTube phenomenon: watching people eat food. I really enjoyed this read about sexual purity being less about waiting than actually being pure because of who God is in our lives. … Continue reading

A Cooking Challenge for Self

I love to cook, however,I find that there are certain things that I just never cook or make from scratch. Or if I do, then I just never stray past the initial recipe. So what are some things that I … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

Yeah, I’d watch this show. Yaaaasssss!!! for Serena Williams. The danger of importing an idea without considering how it would apply to a local context. Here and Here. “Traveling through the neighborhoods of Cape Town is like peeling back the … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

How to read more books this year. I am definitely taking it to heart by reducing my junk TV viewing and making sure I always have a book as I go about various chores. A reading list on Kenya in … Continue reading