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Books I would recommend or reread annually ..

Ever read a book that had you feeling some type of way or that you caught yourself thinking about for days or even weeks and in some cases years later. Some that you even reread often and still feel the … Continue reading

2012 reading list

I read a couple of books in 2012. I also got into audio books (denoted by: )   and some eBooks (denoted by: )  finally putting the kindle to some use. Night of Rain and Stars & Firefly Summer – Maeve … Continue reading

writers block/what happens in real life

1. Finally took off the “L” plate on my car – no difference really, it had really become my crutch 2. Gotten into reading books by African writers, recently read “Nervous Conditions” by Tsitsi Dangaremba (Zimbabwe) and it was brilliant. … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

Baaagh! shaving season is upon us. My oldest nephew is headed to teenage-hood. Freak out!! But why is our leader like this? Definitely baking this lemon and thyme cake this weekend. I love the idea of helping women over 40 … Continue reading