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Friday Moving Music

This song is giving me pause in this season of my life. God still moves, He still works, He breaks all chains and He can work even where situations seem dead and hopeless.

Failed relationships bring us such great music

Thursday Music

  I discovered Lauren Daigle this week and she has quickly become a firm favourite. I am amazed at how she sounds like Adele but different. Here are some favourites to enjoy: Enjoy xoxo

Story of a wedding: Music list

Over the next few days, I shall be reviewing different aspects of the wedding. Please stick around and let me know your thoughts. image The Mr and I really love our music and it’s something we do separately and jointly. … Continue reading

Throwback Music: Kenyan style

Loved this song and then in 2011, rediscovered this song while on a trip with friends! Gidi Gidi Maji Atoti E-Sir Kamata (Saw on Facebook that yesterday was 11 years since he died)      

Sunday Reads

I loved this story of how food bridged the gap between the mainstream culture and “the other”. Relating your faith and child discipline. I loved Asma Khan’s episode of Chef’s Table. I love a good playlist and have gotten started … Continue reading

Goodbye HHP

HHP is one of the first South African musicians I ever loved and in some ways he reminds me of the Mr so hearing of his death yesterday was bittersweet on so many levels.

What Matters Most To Me

I recently went through an exercise to define my top values in life and it made me very reflective because values are something you never think of until someone crosses it then you realise, woah! something is off here. My … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

If you love Nigerian music and want to keep your pulse on the hottest music. The black male body is still something that evokes such strong emotions. Somali cuisine sounds so yum! This is why I journal too. We sometimes … Continue reading

Happy Fathers Day

When God Withholds Something Good The case for going to Church while on vacation. Very important to critically review the lyrics of popular Worship songs. Anyone looking for book recommendations from TED Speakers. A book on xenophobia in South Africa. How … Continue reading

How Old Do You Feel?

So while in truth I am 32 years, I hardly ever feel that way. I suppose in so many ways I have age dissonance in that, that’s the number I put down but hardly do I look at myself and … Continue reading

Interview with a 13 year old

Describe yourself in three words Happy, kind, mhhhh happy. Favourite Activities Gaming, talking to friends and family, reading and watching TV. Favourite Food Cheesecake Favourite Colour Green, Blue Favourite Book Body Guard – Chris Bradford Favourite PSP Game FIFA 16 Favourite Movie Cars Favourite … Continue reading

Change of Plans

I recently read a post about things you would change of your wedding. I loved my wedding and though, mhhh nothing. On second thought, I do know some things I would do differently: I would have worn blue or yellow … Continue reading

A little late but thoughts on Gilmore Girls

I happened to find this rough draft reviewing Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. I watched the show in bits which I thought was great. I am definitely not the kind of person that has to watch shows in one sitting. … Continue reading

Guest Post: Things to do Before Baby Arrives

I read this article citing a few things that the author (a mom-to-be) wanted to do before the baby came and convinced a dear friend to write her own list. So with no further ado, please welcome Simple Girl blogging over … Continue reading

John 6:16-21

I love it when Christian rock is so steeped in Scripture. As in this case Third Day have done with the track, when the rain falls. In the storms of life, let us never forget that Christ is with us. … Continue reading

Belated Sunday Reads

The movie Happiness. Environment and other influences also positively (or not) affect outcomes. Understanding land and identity in Kenya. An article whose title promised so much but gave nothing finally. Growing up today. I suddenly felt 76 years old … … Continue reading

On my bookshelf

As one of my goals this month is to read more African literature, these are the books on my bookshelf. One Day I will Write About This Place – Binyavanga Wainanina (Kenya/Uganda) Binyavanga Wainaina tumbled through his middle-class Kenyan childhod … Continue reading

Question time

What I’m listening to: NPR’s Hidden Brain. Haven’t really gotten into any new music of late. So happy to take any suggestions in the comments. What I’m reading:  Introduction to African Religion by John Mbiti; The Memory of Love by Aminatta … Continue reading

Reviewing 2015 through posts

I have enjoyed posting so much this year and pushing myself to write more, write in different formats or on different topics than the typical ones I would. Thanks for the reads, sharing and comments! My theme this year was … Continue reading