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A little late but thoughts on Gilmore Girls

I happened to find this rough draft reviewing Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. I watched the show in bits which I thought was great. I am definitely not the kind of person that has to watch shows in one sitting. … Continue reading

25 more sleeps

I have enjoyed my annual post every day in October challenged and it’s only fitting to end with the Gilmore Girls trailer. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE 25TH OF NOVEMBER. OH MY HEART!!!

Sunday Reads

Greetings from a rainy and cold-ish Cape Town! New Gilmore Girls episodes coming on Netflix. Be still my heart!! Welcome back Rory, Old Friend! So sad this story about dying alone but intriguing what happens behind the scenes. A cool … Continue reading

Things that make me smile

My family All my friends Tea/coffee My bed, my linen and all my pillows My room/ any personal space I lay claim to – so my desk, a particular seat I like Quiet early mornings and rainy afternoons Rock/ Soft … Continue reading

on a lighter note/ about me

I realized that many of my entries are dark and too “weighty” so hopefully this will change that perception. its meant to be a list of things that make me happy,sad,whatever or uniquely just me! I am saved I teach … Continue reading

I Hear Myself Everywhere

I consume a lot of stuff online or on television and I know that the stuff I like best is anything that I can read and feel in some ways that it represents my inner voice. Like what you ask? … Continue reading