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… goodbye Cape Town

Having said that, there were some nice parts to living in Cape Town and I am surprised to admit that I will miss the city, in particular: I made some great, life long friends which I did not expect to, … Continue reading

The Cape Town Art Fair

I went by this past weekend and it was truly the best use of my time. I enjoyed it and would happily recommend it to anyone. Below, some of the bits that best stood out for me.   Enjoy!!

Exploring my little town

This past Tuesday I attended an event called Pechakucha in Cape Town CBD and I loved it. PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

Would you keep a journal of all your failures? Why is Cape Town so cliquey? Please read this post on church planting and then listen to This America’s Life podcast on the same. I’d also love to know my family … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

Just exactly how do you let family and friends know your wedding is off? Huh? One of my favourite places in Cape Town,  Zeitz Mocaa. Remembering the shooting in Las Vegas If we cry will they give Ngugi the Nobel … Continue reading

My City is Better than Yours

When I moved to Cape Town, I did not expect to like, or GASP love it, as much as I did Johannesburg. Two years on, I feel like I am cheating on my first love but here goes a list … Continue reading

Three Recent Experiences

I recently went to the Zeitz Mocaa and had my breath blown away, it’s a lovely experience and has quickly become one of the top things to do in Cape Town. A pal celebrated his birthday and we went to … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

Yeah, I’d watch this show. Yaaaasssss!!! for Serena Williams. The danger of importing an idea without considering how it would apply to a local context. Here and Here. “Traveling through the neighborhoods of Cape Town is like peeling back the … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

We live in times that are not friendly to Black women. So many fantastic ideas for African focused and produced podcasts. Just yes already!! African history is fascinating and powerful. Occasionally Joburg has some interesting events. And Cape Town’s history … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

A guide to eating out in Cape Town. Black hair done beautifully. I would love this app when I become a mom. Oh dear,these two conversations, one and two. Please note the following before heading to Kampala. For book clubs … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

Lovely to see a friends work being well regarded. Practical ways that husbands can help around the house. Does Jesus love the rich? The short answer, yes. Things to do around Cape Town. Tips to dealing with conflict. Love this. … Continue reading

Things to do in Nairobi (for me)

I was listening to Cape Talk this afternoon and the presenter was talking of the touristy things in Cape Town that local residents had never gotten round to doing. This triggered a similar thought for Nairobi. So here goes my … Continue reading

Dear Arch Tutu …

Background to letter available here. Briefly, the Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu (the Arch) now supports the movement for individuals to be given the right to end their life with no repercussions on their remaining loved ones. Dear Arch Tutu, I … Continue reading

Caption this!

The situation at the University of Cape Town (UCT) that the Fallists (Fees Must Fall) are fighting for – inclusive and free education for all. Source    

Black, Female and Strong

It is a really interesting time to be in South Africa, what with all the #Fallist talks and the different dialogues happening around race, culture and identity. Last week, I attended the Open Book Festival in Cape Town and happened to … Continue reading

(Long-ish) Sunday Reads

Love the little eateries in Cape Town –Hallelujah. Truth Coffee. Sometimes in a long-term relationship you can forget how to really have a good conversation. Here’s how to rekindle that.One. Two. I wonder what a similar labour market analysis would … Continue reading

Monday Blues …

It is currently 17 degrees in Cape Town, with 100 percent chance of showers from now until the wee hours of tomorrow morning. So the weather is a bit dreary but, I have been listening to some lovely tunes this … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

Quick lunch/snack recipe: Chickpea “tuna” salad  Cooking with lentils & beans Don’t really like vegetarian burgers but these lentil meatballs sure look yum! This article made me realise why people do not share the names of their babys before birth, but clearly … Continue reading

Book Review: Happiness is a Four Letter Word v Men of the South

Following this summary of what is currently on my to-read bookshelf I have a couple of books that I would like to review. Happiness is a Four Letter Word – Cynthia Jele I loved this book, it deals with two things that … Continue reading

March Goals

In keeping with my 2016 theme to be more rooted and connected, this is what I hope to do in March. Reach out to close friends via calls, emails or messages to talk about what’s really happening in our lives. … Continue reading