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8: 419 Letter with suggested edits

*I received this letter this morning and decided to make some edits as indicated below. (Please note: Anything in brackets, I included, anything else is the writers) Hello, (a name would be a nice little touch, people respond better to … Continue reading

419 Scam letter – REPLY BACK ASAP

DOMINIC & ASSOCIATES TEL: +226 78 01 91 41.   Dear Friend, I am Barrister Dominic Edward, I have a Business Proposal of certain amount of Money in United States Dollars which I want you to handle with me.This Funds … Continue reading

419 scam letter

The number “419” refers to the article of the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with fraud. This just arrived in my inbox … Hello How are you? i traveled to wales for a conference at the imperial college gallery section, Wales) … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

“To all the little girls out there, we will set fire to this world that steals your childhoods and stops you from being everything you want to be, and build you a better one from the ashes, the kind of … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

Feminist books for children. Kenya votes on Tuesday please pray for peace and sanity to prevail. I am interested in intergenerational mobility so seeing the theology aspect of it excites me. Was initially a fan of Bridge Schools, not anymore. … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

BEST piece on the Dolezal woman!! I also loved this essay on how fallible our icons are, including sob Chimamanda. What separates great from average people? Sounds like an interesting podcast episode. A colleague is going through a break-up and … Continue reading

Fave Emmy Red Carpet Looks

  Best, in terms of I love their personality, the show and they look good! Simple looks but really gorgeous!! Kerry Washington in her maternity look. Yessss!! Not sure why, but I love this dress!! Confused about these two looks. … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

Quick lunch/snack recipe: Chickpea “tuna” salad  Cooking with lentils & beans Don’t really like vegetarian burgers but these lentil meatballs sure look yum! This article made me realise why people do not share the names of their babys before birth, but clearly … Continue reading

Sunday Reads

​I read this article on miscarriage and for some reason it made me sooooooo sad 😦 As a foreign worker, this paper obviously made sense to read. See also the comments, very useful. In case you are looking to stock … Continue reading

3. (Hair and Dress) Pins that receive love on my Pinterest

I am not really big on Pinterest but occasionally, I pin stuff and get a lotta love for that. So below, some recent loves and the reason I pinned them in the first place. And this Baby bonus ….

Books I have read this year

… aka the delayed #WorldBookDay post. A Week in Winter – Maeve Binchy This Year it will be Different – Maeve Binchy The One plus One – Jojo Moyes Sheltering Rain – Jojo Moyes Little Liberia: An African Odyssey – … Continue reading

On blogging: search terms that led people here

Again, I decided to update this list. Whititude – the poem, descriptions about it, the writer that is still the most common search term. Funny-weird not haha because I don’t really read a lot of poetry or any of that. … Continue reading

My to-read book list looks like ..

I have so many books on my to-read/ currently being read list! Happiness like Water – Chinelo Okparanta. This is our read for  this months book club. For short stories, I am quite enjoying them. Will do a review on it … Continue reading

Ever get the feeling somebody is watching you?

I frequently blog about spam email I get and that obviously involves clicking on it …. after these two articles, I wont be doing that again EVER. He challenged the hackers to investigate his life and see what they could … Continue reading