When Your Partner Wants to Have a Baby But You Don’t: The Case of #JeannieMai and Why I Saw Her Divorce Coming

This is a really tough but indicative of the fact that people in marriages change and the best way to deal with it is to change together.

Simone Samuels

Update: Jeannie mentioned this post on her show!

I went out on a date (go me!!) but came home to news more shocking than my love life:

Jeannie Mai is getting a divorce.

Now, I don’t know Jeannie Mai and I’m not her publicist and she has never confided to me the reasons for her breakup (although, hopefully, one day, God willing, she and I will become friends and we’ll be tight like that, because I absolutely love her), but I immediately suspected what had to be one of — if not the major issue — in her marriage that caused this split:

She doesn’t want kids, but her husband, Freddy, does.

About five months ago, I was watching an episode of “The Real” where Jeannie broke down and (once again) shared the biggest difficulty in her marriage (this episode is from May 2017):

While the episode above seems…

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