Monday I just made bank

First email in my inbox today

This is my second time I am sending you this notification, simple contact Diplomat Rose Frank on her email address ( with your contact information
1. Name,
2. Address,
3. Phone number,
4. Age,
5. Occupation
and your nearest airport to land, so that she can deliver the Consignment worth 6.5 Million as she just landed in your country now but misplaced your information, she will give you more details when you re-confirm details. Your personal code is XLA21492014SD use this code to the Diplomat Rose Clara Frank, so that she can know that you are the rightful owner.

The second one a few moments later


We have concluded to transfer your payment- through-western union $5,000
daily until the$2,5million US is completely transferred to you accordingly.
Though,Director John Basil has sent $5,000 in your name today so contact
Agent:below with your full Name,phone contact and address

Name:Raymond Ejide
TEL: +22961923500

So hasten up and give the agent a call to process your payment at once.Ask
him for the MTCN sender name and test Question/Answer to pick up your first
payment of $5,000, and also ask him how much it will cost you for the

ThanksFrom Hon Mr.Wayne Power


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