how to avoid feeling hangry

Note to self 🙂


Here is a little cheat sheet on mindful eating for some much needed guidance as I’ve really fallen off the wagon lately with snacking.  It’s the holidays and usually it isn’t an issue for me; but I’ve succumbed to the temptations of sugary drinks, ice cream, chocolate and poor choices in the on-the-road munchies department (I accidentally bought a bag of salted, instead of unsalted, pretzels).  I think my mind is temporarily set in this unhealthy mode because I have it on the back of my mind that I’ll have plenty of opportunities to be healthy next year (in two weeks). When in reality, I should just do it right now.  With that being said, my breaking of healthy habits motivated me to compile a list of healthy snack options below.


  • Nutrition/Protein bars (choose low sugar: < 5g sugar; lowfat: < 3g fat; high protein: > 5g…

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