The Abyss That Is My Future

First off, I also LOVE(D) OTH!! Great life lessons!

Adulting is difficult and the lack of a manual or Customer Care line to call makes it very daunting. Just breath and break it down into smaller chunks!

Six months ago I thought I had it all figured out. I would marry the boy I was in love with, I would work at the Houston Chronicle, then The Washington Post and then The Associated Press. I would be happy, fulfilled and doing exactly what I needed to be doing. I would have a great relationship with God and my family, be the best wife and enjoy living each day with my best friend.

Fast forward six months and I am terrified. I’m not upset about being romantically alone anymore – that gives me freedom. I am, however, terrified that I’m not going to make the right decision. Coming in as a freshman I decided to double major in journalism and political science because I am passionate about both. Getting both degrees would help me keep all future doors open. What I didn’t realize is while those doors provide…

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