7. Words we need

Again, another edition of words we need from Urban Dictionary.

Accidental explosive diarrhea caused by consuming a dairy product by a lactose intolerant person.

Living proof that money can’t buy good hair.

a person who’s gender is indecipherable

Someone who takes selfies in dangerous situations or circumstances.

When a small group or crowed suddenly realizes that someone has emitted a silent but nasty fart and they all look among themselves for facial expressions or body language that might pinpoint the perpetrator.

A poop that comes on so suddenly that one fears they may not be able to make it to the toilet.

Someone or something that exudes an aura of pedophilia, such as a creepy old man with candy or an older van with tinted windows


3 responses to “7. Words we need

  1. Haha I love how 3 of these are related to poo! Did you make these words/definitions up? 🙂

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