28 People On The Most Life-Changing Thing They Did In Their Twenties

In my twenties I:
i) Met and married a great guy
ii) Moved towns and this broadened and challenged my world view.
iii) I realised that my parents are extremely wise and they really did know what they were talking about.
iv) Made and lost some friends and wouldn’t have it any other way.

The twenties have been good to me but i must say I am looking forward to some stability and growth in my thirties.

Thought Catalog

saysthefox saysthefox

1. “I broke up with the person I knew I couldn’t marry.”

-Elizabeth, 26

2. “I went back to school. I had taken some time off. And I was behind everybody else. My friends had already graduated and gotten real jobs. But I made it, and got my degree at age 26, and I wouldn’t have done anything differently.”

-Megan, 44

3. “I gained a sense of self-worth. Then lost it. Then gained it back again. And lost it again. Then gained it back again.”

-Stephen, 28

4. “Traveled internationally by myself.”

-Anna, 30

5.  “I’m only 3 years in to my twenties, but not living at home and moving right into the city after college was a pretty cool experience for me. Expect for the expenses. That’s a little less cool.”

-Nick, 23

6. “I broke up with my boyfriend because I knew he wasn’t the man I…

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