Sunday Reads

I enjoyed putting together this list this week as I had some time on my hands and read through some really random things.

  1. What goes into deciding on a Book Cover? I have always wondered but here is some help.
  2. Of randomised social experiments and how they often play out.
  3. This phone could well be the FUTURE!
  4. A caution against growth for it’s sake or due to expectation.
  5. Ever wondered what your wedding costs would have come to if you had invested that amount instead? Well don’t use this tool to find out.
  6. Oh dear me for the 2022 World Cup Construction workers in Qatar!
  7. This article brought back so many memories to mind: Sweet Valley, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew? Late learner of the fact that these books are all ghost written !
  8. I guess this confirms what we already knew that cocaine is a recreational drug.
  9. Calls for a study into the full competitive gains from the sharing economy, Uber and the likes.
  10. Getting to grips with an open plan as an introvert.
  11. Good to know that spies also have to submit expense claims, tihiiii!

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