Words we need v5

Again, another opportunity to skim through Urban Dictionary and look at words that the English Dictionary seriously needs to consider.
A child had by a celebrity just for the attention. Usually given a bizarre name, because who cares what the child has to go through growing up, they’re just a kidcessory.
A distinct, 21st century fear that a photograph or video posted on a social network medium will go viral and you will forever be immortalized in internet infamy.
Just about to hit send on a text message when you think better of it and stop.
a self-posted image to social media that features a flashy display of large quantities of money.
When the pleasure you get watching something on TV comes from your hatred of it.
A well intentioned person who repeatedly agrees to do some type of charity work, but ultimately does not follow through with the commitment, often with an excuse at the last moment.
the frustrated feeling of being on the brink of something fantastic but never actually tasting that satisfaction.
the act of employees using their organization’s Internet access for personal purposes during work hours.
While texting a group of people you and one of the people in the group also have a private texting conversation.
Enjoy … 

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