Week 6’s little pleasures


I had such a long and trying week and whenever that happens, I force myself to identify the little things and enjoy those.

  1. Listening to Barbara Kingsolver at the Rosebank Exclusive Books. I kept saying to myself under my breath Tata Jesus is Bangala!
  2. Iced bubble tea at Happy.Me Rosebank
  3. New work out gear
  4. Fish curry with friends
  5. Two great gym classes
  6. Loving my Pilates instructor and class. So tough on the core but so good.
  7. Reading Gone Girl. LOVING IT!
  8. Finished Jonny Steinberg’s Little Liberia and I loved it so much.
  9. Getting started on tonight’s dinner – we are hosting friends from our Honours class and with the numbers (and so I can also chill and enjoy the evening) this is best.
  10. Dinner with my sister and nephew because I had no power at home.

Life is about all the small moments and I hope that I remain conscious enough never to forget that.

4 responses to “Week 6’s little pleasures

  1. Def after this little girl…imma do some pilates

  2. Finally you’re reading Gone Girl and we can discuss after

    Wait….did you meet Barbara Kingsolver? Why am I only finding out now?

    Wanna read that John Steinbeck book now

    I really need to try Pilates

    • Not personally no, I did not meet Barbara K but for some reason I had never Googled her and so I was pleasantly surprised at interacting with her.

      Please try Pilates. It’s so good, if you can try out about three to four classes to get a good sense of it.

      Please read that book as well as his latest one of Somalis in SA (A Man of Good Hope)

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