Two conversations at the traffic lights


I pull up to a traffic light and hand over food that I had gotten from the house to give a beggar when I come across them in the course of my day.

Me: Here is some food.

Gentleman: Oh thanks Ma’am (starts to walk off)

G: Oh, I’ll give this to my colleague over there.

M: Why?

G: Oh, I don’t eat rice.

M: Really? What do you eat?

G: Pap en vleis

M: Okay, I will bear that in mind.


When I eat out with friends, if someone won’t take away the food left on their plate, I always take it with me and give it to street kids because most restaurants would rather trash the food than give it to needy people.

Me: Here you go.

Gentleman: Oh thanks Ma’am

G: My name is Jimmy, what’s your name?

M: (I give my standard fake name) Jane

G: Thanks Jane. I also don’t have shoes, I wear a Size 6 (and lifts his foot to show me) maybe you have some shoes at home you could help me with?

M: No, I am a size 5.

The end.

NOTE: I never roll down my window in the night and NEVER at any intersection that has a history of people smashing at windows. As I speak to these guys, my window is maybe open only 20% and my eyes are constantly out for the traffic lights and anything else.


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