Daily Prompt – Sweet Sixteen

This is very late but I found this post in my drafts and decided that better late than never ..

When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

When I was 16 and struggling to comprehend moles in Chemistry and looking forward to finishing High School the next year and get into the “real world”.

  • When I thought ahead to 29, I thought that I would be working at a job I loved with my whole being and rising up through the corporate ladder. Not really the case, I hadn’t banked on the fact that this perfect job is not just sitting in a shelf waiting for me to show up.
  • I thought I would own my house and I would furnish as I wished. The house would have a big kitchen and I would experiment with different dishes and host people all the time. This is mixed as I don’t really entertain as much as I would love to but I still enjoy cooking.
  • I thought I would be married. Somehow I never thought about the kiddies.
  • I was hoping to have traveled and seen the world. Well I moved countries, but I am nowhere near achieving this.
  • I was hoping to buy myself as many books as I could and CDs. Oh, silly memory but I really wanted an iPod. Which I got and really loved. I do buy myself books and I relish that little privilege. I also belong to a library which further feeds that urge!

On the whole, I think I stuck to the 16 year old vision which to some extent makes me happy and somewhat content. Thanks 16 year old me!

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