Another round of words we need

Again, another opportunity to skim through Urban Dictionary to get words that we actually need.

TS: CNR Too Small; Could Not Read

Contact sad When you are made sad by other people’s negative comments or attitudes, usually through Facebook posts.

Stankface When you see someone who’s natural expression for that day or moment looks like a combination of being pissed off, and smelling something awful.

Shoefie A selfie of your shoes

Give it a goog When in doubt of an answer to ones question, this would be the response given in reference to the search engine Google to help them find their desired answer.

Sequelphobia You loved the original so much, when the sequel comes out you have Sequelphobia, because you have the fear it won’t live up to the original.

Smellfie To discretely sniff ones underarms for stank before venturing out in to public areas as to not offend other with fowl body odor.

Dunch not quite dinner but definitely past lunch.

First World Hungry When you have plenty of food to keep you well nourished, but you gluttonously want or desire more than you need. To “feel” hungry even though you ate today. As defined by Louis C.K. on March 29, 2014.

Runners Block a lack of will or reason to run. Often lasts weeks. Comparable to writer’s block.

Off to give it a goog so enjoy …


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