Story of a wedding: Sites that inspired

Over the next few days, I shall be reviewing different aspects of the wedding. Please stick around and let me know your thoughts.


Every Last Detail. Lauren is a former wedding planner who gives very good tips about the day itself, how to interact with vendors in terms of what to expect and questions to ask. She also features beautifully styled weddings that gave me a lot of inspiration.

Munaluchi Bridal. This blog features predominantly black weddings and until I found this blog, I didn’t know just how few of these exist. I love the cultural mix and the diversity it represents. The weddings featured here are also amazeballs!

Southbound Bride. She is a South African blogger and features local vendors – which is an added plus.

Southern Wedding Magazines. They have weddings from America’s South (?) but what I loved best about this blog is the different features they run. First “Sweet Tea Sunday” where couples that have been married loooong dish out advise on what helps them in their marriage and, second is the “Southern Newlywed at Home” feature  where they speak to couples that have been married less time about how they transitioned in the earlier days of marriage, their décor style, roles in the home and stuff like date night. This helped me focus on the marriage and relational bit of the marriage more than just the wedding day.

Ben and Gathoni Kiruthi. I like this husband and wife couple because, well, they feature Kenyan Weddings. A pet peeve of mine is the husband constantly “bigging up” his wife’s beauty or something about her. No man, it’s about the wedding that you are featuring!

Pinterest. Obviously! But to keep the sanity, I developed my voice or what I wanted and then I went onto Pinterest and looked at different suggestions to bring my idea to life.

Other sites:

100 Layer Cake

Grey Likes Weddings

What sites did you rely on for your wedding planning?

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