Lessons learnt and a special shout out

Today’s a significant day for me/ do not worry that this will become a wedding/ marriage blog only. Nothing wrong with either category of blog, but I like to think I am more multifaceted than that.

While I fancy myself a new newbie in the marriage game, I would like to share what I have learnt in the last month:

  1. A home is built up gradually with loads of lists. Early on, I was making a meal when I casually reached over to add curry powder and realised there was none because I hadn’t bought any!  So I now have a standard list of outstanding household items that I can pick from the shops  and this list includes basics such as sieves to a food processor!
  2. The Mr and I are so glad to be back to our pre-wedding  selves, it’s amazing and so chilled. I like this version of us so much better. Although the pesky question, “how are the wedding plans?” has now been replaced with the galling one “how is married life?”. Still have no answer to that one!
  3. Sometimes I have a specific way that I know things get done and I almost expect it to run that way. But guess what, we were not brought up in one home and we have to talk through these differences and in my case, compromise or determine a new way of doing things. Little thing, I place cutlery upside on the drying rack so I can quickly pick what I need, the Mr places them face down so you can’t distinguish between a fork or a knife or a spoon 🙂
  4. The toilet. Need I say more?
  5. I am just enjoying being with the one the Lord chose for me and my utter best friend, talking and being in one space and just forging the rest of our days together.

Happy one month love and here is to many, many more until death us do part!

PS: I have purposed not to feel pressured into hosting people over at our house or unpack too quickly. It is our place and we can do whatever we want to, at whatever pace. Also, we kinda hosted y’all to a huge do a month ago so just chill with wanting us to play host again 🙂 🙂

PS2: One month in and you already get the hints, nudges, suggestions and remarks about having a kid. Already! So just pile on the big non-bridal shower panties and grin or get a swift come back for that well meaning aunt, and her cousin and their friend!


2 responses to “Lessons learnt and a special shout out

  1. Nope!! Comments not blocked as you can see above.

    The kid story shocked me but for now it’s nothing because it’s ridiculous for people to be asking me this.

    Also, please feel free to share tips about how you got through the first year and stuff. Greatly appreciated.

  2. Finally…found a way i can comment while at work *covers eyes*

    I love this post and happy 1 month anniversary to you both…i can’t believe it’s a month already.

    This 1st year is a steep learning curve for sure..i hear you on the accumulation of stuff in a new house…we don’t realize it but do you know how long it takes to amass just all the spices that we end up with!!!

    Feeling no pressure to host / unpack…does that apply to house videos / photos too *covers eyes*

    As for the kid story…washa tu!

    Turns out comments are still blocked from the office 👎👎

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