Words we need v3

Following up from Version 1 and 2 here, I think it’s time for us to have another opportunity to laugh and enjoy ourselves. As always, visiting the site will cause you to either laugh or be put off by some of the other irreverent words they have daily.

n: someone who thinks about being an entrepreneur or starting a business but never gets started.
The art of ruining people’s selfies by appear behind them right when they tap on the capture button.
The complete opposite of a sugardaddy, one who tries, but is broke and fronting.
The period of time it takes between the fart and the recognition of the fart, from another person.
A group selfie; a picture one takes with themselves and many others in the photo. One takes an usie to be silly with friends and have fun taking random pictures of themselves.
to video chat someone and not say a word. you mostly just stare at the screen and type things to the other person who is engaged in a video chat with you.
Keep it on the down low. Keep it secret.
A household that is run by a pet. Specifically a dog. What the dog wants, it gets, and when it wants it. Typically the owners do not see the scenario at all and comment on their “wonderful pet”. Outsiders and friends though can see the caos and true pecking order.
Long winded, boring, nauseating, uninteresting description of an event or the story of someone’s life.
When a manager says “we” and means “you”
Much like in the game of chess, a bathroom stalemate is when two people are in a public restroom and neither wants to be the first to go, so both sit silently in their respective stalls as they wait for the other to leave, or for some loud noise to disguise their business.
Enjoy!!! Particularly liking the bathroom stalemate because just yesterday my sister told me about going into the loo at the same time as this girl that DROPPED IT enough for the whole loo of six stalls to stink up and have two people run away to wait for it to clear. After that situation, you can either let it become a bathroom stalemate or just run outta there!!

2 responses to “Words we need v3

  1. SO true though!!! Sema bathroom stalemate?

  2. Baby you are soooooooooooo hillars (hilarious) how now can you make me chuckle on the bathroom stalemate story? Euuuu gross but true

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