13 Obvious Interview Tips You Should’ve Learned in College … SMH

You would think it is obvious but so many leave school NOT knowing and NOT getting it.

Black Millennials

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Today, I read a troubling article about how millennials are having difficulties securing employment due to our own immaturity. Of course, the job market is far from perfect, but employers are reporting that they refuse to hire recent college graduates due to their lack of professionalism.

I am fortunate enough to have went to a university in which professionalism was integral to our course of study. We were required to take a 1 credit class that taught us how to write resumes, dress for an interview, etcetcetc. I took my education for granted. I found that 1 credit class a futile exercise in common sense. However, it’s clear that such a course is actually valuable, and not the complete waste of time that I thought it was.

Hiring managers reported that a number of millennials showed up to job interviews in casual clothing, used unprofessional email language…

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